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Why Class 11 Students Should Apply for Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship?

There are plenty of reasons why students should try for this educational grant while they’re in Class 11. The grant is available to all students of GIIS campuses, including GIIS Noida, from grades 6 to 12 under the CBSE curriculum. Students who need financial relief will likely submit their applications even before they are in grade 11.

If you have serious plans to send an application to this programme, here are some reasons explaining in-depth why this is an excellent scholarship for you.

Improves University Placements

One of the best reasons for children to apply to the programme when they’re in class 11 is the fact that it improves university placements. That applies to you too. Universities and colleges will take one look at your academic records, see that you were accepted for Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship also popularly known as APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship, and consider you an asset to their university.

That increases your chances of getting into the university and the programme of your choice. Since you will be graduating soon, the scholarship helps you get into the university you like. Given how hard it can be to get into the best universities and programmes worldwide, getting this scholarship will help you get a few steps closer to your dream university and course. 

Provides Further Training 

The student who wins this grant receives access to learning resources and opportunities that would have been impossible outside of the programme. If you win this scholarship, then expect to receive training and education in subjects related to the digital space. This helps you improve your skills in the technological arena. Admission into the programme will further fuel your interest as you talk to other people who share your passion and talent for similar things. Meeting other people—who are also enthusiastic about making a difference in the digital space—can also inspire you to do better and try harder. Your newly formed connections can motivate you to keep going, even when you encounter setbacks. By the time the training is through, you would have absorbed a lot of learning that can help you shape the future you want.  

Boosts Confidence 

College can be a scary experience. Even if you are ready, the thought of things changing and the challenges you will face can overwhelm you. As you make your way into the world and take on another stage in your life, it can be a lot to handle. Winning the scholarship helps boost your confidence as it teaches you what you can do, what you are capable of, and that can cut back on negative thoughts and insecurities that might plague you.

Yes, things will be hard. Yes, you will encounter problems. But in the same way that you have won that scholarship, done your research, or completed many projects, you will also find a way to make this work. You can develop that kind of mindset when you get into the programme. Learning opportunities like this push students to discover what they are made of, recognise the limits of their experience and knowledge and go after what they need to become better in their field.

Makes Collaborations Possible 

Another good thing that happens when children meet other people who are passionate about the same things as they are, is that it opens doors for collaboration. And this scholarship programme offers plenty of such opportunities for that to happen for you. The exchange of ideas and even different perspectives can help you and your colleagues grow together or even encourage you to start your own projects. By seeing what other people can do with the technology, you can surpass your limits and think beyond your limitations. It can be an exciting time for you to learn, gain, and improve your skills until you have mastered everything that the programme could teach you. That’s an excellent sendoff for you as you go off to college. 

Offers Financial Relief 

The scholarship comes with financial relief. It can be a huge help to the students who come from economically weaker families. Through the scholarship, you will receive financial aid and won’t have to work jobs to support yourself or even think about leaving school or quitting your interests. Anyone who wins the Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship can focus on school and have help with the tuition costs as well as other expenses. For some families, having a portion of the tuition covered by the school can be a tremendous help. What the school provides can bridge the gap. 
So, if you are resident of Noida, do not hesitate to apply to GIIS which is one of the best schools in noida and enjoy the benefits of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship.