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What are the Important Questions for Class 12 Hindi?

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Important Questions for Class 12 Hindi

Students need to be thorough with the language subjects and only then can they score well in their examinations and get top ranks. The class 12 Hindi syllabus is very vast and requires the student to practice questions and be very thorough. The class 12 Hindi comprises 4 books, the Antra, Aroh, Vitan, and Antral Bhag 2. To prepare well you need to solve and practice all the important questions.

Practicing these important questions will help you learn the chapters thoroughly. These important questions should also be revised daily. This article talks about all the important chapters from each textbook and their important questions. The 4 books Antra, Aroh, Vitan, and Antral Bhag 2 important chapters and questions are as follows.


This book is very important and you need to prepare all the chapters thoroughly. You will get long answer questions from this book thus, maintain a separate note for important questions from this book. There are 4 chapters in Vitan. Silver Wedding, Joojh, Ateet mein Dabe Paavan, and Dairy Ke Panne. Students need to focus on all the chapters and practice their important questions. Some of the important chapters and their important questions are as follows:

Chapter 1

Silver Wedding: This long story is written by Manohar Shyam Joshi. The protagonist of the story is Yashodhar babu and he is confused and afraid of modernity as he thinks that his age-old values may diminish. The story revolves around a person’s old lifestyle and his sons’ modern thinking, the main plot of the story comes to life when both of them put their views on Yasodhar babu’s silver wedding. Yashodhar Babu was shocked by learning the huge difference in views between the two generations.

There are 8 exercise questions present in this chapter and you must prepare them all. Important questions:

  • What did Yashodhar Babu want from his sons?
  • Yashodhar Babu uses the phrase ‘samahau imprara’ as a catchphrase at the start of every sentence. How does this relate to his personality and the plot of the story?
  • To what extent do your experiences related to the structure, nature of the family in the present times reconcile this story?
  • How many meaningful images can you find for the sentence ‘whatever happened’ in the text?

Mentioned above are some of the important questions from the chapter Silver Wedding.

Chapter 2

Joojh: This story is written by Dr. Anand Yadav. This story talks about how the father of the author remains irresponsible and does not work for the family instead he makes his son (the author) do the farming. The author wanted to study and go to school but because of the pressure from his father, he cannot do so. One day the author along with his mother went to ask about school, his father’s anger made him realize that he cannot pursue him. The matter was resolved and the author was able to go to school because of Datta Rao Saheb.

There are 6 exercise questions and you must practice all of them, some of the important questions from this chapter are as follows:

  •  How did the author develop the confidence to compose the poem himself?
  • What changed in the author’s perception of loneliness before and after the attachment to poetry?
  • Considering the justification of the title ‘joojh’, clarify whether the title evokes any characteristic of the protagonist of the story.

Chapter 3

Ateet Mein Dabe Panne: This is also an important chapter and students must learn it properly. Some of the important questions related to this chapter are as follows:

  • The Indus civilization was resourceful, but it did not have the pomp of grandeur. How?
  • Ruins and older artifacts are documentation of the civilization and culture. Explain this statement?
  • By what sign can you say that Indus civilization was disciplined and understanding and was not ruled by force?


This book is important and students must study it properly. This book consists of poems and long stories. All the chapters must be properly studied and important questions must be learned from all the chapters. There are 18 chapters in this book. Some of the important chapters and their important questions are as follows:

Harivansh Rai Bachchan: This is a poem and some of the important questions related to it are as follows:

  • Where there are grains, there are also ignorant ones’ – why would the poet have said this?
  • Me and, and the relationship between the world and wherein the line, tell the specialty of the word.
  • On the one hand, the poem talks about carrying the burden of the world and life and on the other hand I never meditate on the world -what is the meaning of these opposite statements?

Tulsidas: Another important chapter from the Antral Bhag and questions will be coming from this chapter. 

Firaq Gorakhpuri, Mahadevi Varma, Vishnu Khare, etc. are some of the important chapters that students must not neglect. Some of the important questions from these chapters are as follows:

  • Why did bhakti hide her real name from people? Who would have given this name to Bhakti and why?
  • It will be difficult to say that devotion is good because there is no lack of bad qualities in him, why would the author have said so?
  • Some Chaplin films or unused reels have also been found that no one knows about.

Antral Bhag 2

This book has 3 chapters and students must study all the chapters and prepare well for the exams. The core Hindi book is Aroh. For getting good marks in the exam, you have to also keep notes of important questions and practice them daily.


These chapters and their important questions will help you to score well in the exam and will also help you to prepare the syllabus and the stories thoroughly. There are plenty of exercise questions along with them. If you practice all these important questions you will easily score well in the exams and be confident.