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Which CBSE School in Abu Dhabi is The Best?

To find out as to which CBSE school Abu Dhabi is the best, one needs to look at what it is that they all offer and choose the one that suits one’s requirements the best. Now, whether the CBSE school Abu Dhabi that we are interested in is a secondary school or a high school, the very first thing one looks for is the kind of teaching staff and infrastructure they possess.

Track Record of Student Performance

Then there is the kind of track record they have in terms of how well their students fare once they have passed out from the school. For some students, the sports and extracurricular facilities available in a school are as important as the academic support they receive in a school. That is quite right too, given that it is certainly not just the subjects that you study, but everything that you learn about life including sports, art, and creativity that make a person.

Some Top CBSE Schools in Abu Dhabi

The secondary school, as well as high schools in Abu Dhabi that offer CBSE curricula, are many. The leading one of these is the Global, Indian International School, Emirates Future International Academy, Abu Dhabi Indian School, The Model School, New Indian Model School, Shining Star International School, Mayoor Private School, Sunrise English Private School, and so on.

One’s choice of a CBSE school has a lot to do with how close it is to the student’s home and the fee to be paid, apart from the academic reputation and infrastructure. Some parents would also want to look at schools that offer scholarships to ease the financial burden with regard to the fee. 

Special Scholarships by GIIS

The Global Indian International School, despite being a top-ranking international school is one institution that generously waives off substantial parts of its fees by way of special scholarships to deserving and talented students. The measure of a school is not only in its infrastructure or the number of talented teachers it has but also in the kind of values it promotes. That is how they will be able to shape the character of students in ways that go beyond curricula.

Education in Abu Dhabi

The world today has both immense problems, as well as the technological wherewithal to solve them. But for that to happen humanity has to come together forgetting all their myriad differences and putting their best foot forward together. The education sector in Abu Dhabi, especially the Indian schools is uniquely placed to accomplish this as they teach children hailing from all regions of the world to learn and achieve together.

These are the kind of lessons that last in impressionable minds forever making them better people for it. They become global citizens in the truest sense fully capable of working shoulder to shoulder with the best in the world. The teaching methodologies deployed in these schools combined with the world class infrastructure ensures that the students they groom make a mark in life. It is not at all surprising that students who have passed out from GIIS have gone on to gain admission in the best colleges and universities of the world. 

CBSE school in Abu Dhabi

If you go about trying to zero in on the best CBSE school in Abu Dhabi, you would do well to remember that not everyone would designate the same school as the best, as they would all have their own yardsticks for defining that. Perhaps one could look at a dozen CBSE schools as being at the top of the heap in terms of what they offer. What is undeniable is the fact that the large numbers of Indians living in Abu Dhabi are quite happy to have their children receive an education in these schools as they know that the latter would turn out very well on account of that. The performance of the students of the various CBSE schools in the past is a great indicator of this fact.

There are several reasons why such huge numbers of Indians consider the UAE, especially the Emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi as their home away from home. A top-rated CBSE education is one of them. If you are an Indian ex-pat who recently arrived in Abu Dhabi, be sure to zero in on the CBSE school you think is the best one.