What Treatments Are Available for Sensitive Teeth?

What do you understand by tooth sensitivity? Whenever your teeth are in sharp pain because of drinking, eating and brushing then we can say that you are suffering from tooth sensitivity. If your tooth roots are exposed or your tooth enamel has worn out then your teeth can become sensitive. If your tooth roots are exposed or your tooth enamel has worn out then your teeth can become sensitive. and because of gum disease, worn filling, chipped tooth, cracked tooth and cavity also, you can have discomfort in your teeth. Therefore, you should visit the Hilo dental clinic to prevent the worsening of tooth sensitivity. Now I am going to tell you about the treatments that are available for sensitive teeth.

1. Use of desensitizing toothpaste – Your sensitive teeth can be free from pain if you apply desensitizing toothpaste on these a number of times. There is an availability of a number of products of various types. To find the best working product you have to ask a dentist.

2. Use of fluoride – For reducing pain and strengthening enamel of your teeth, it will be good if on your teeth’s sensitive areas, the dentist applies fluoride. Also, by using a custom tray, at home also you can apply fluoride as per the prescription of the dentist.

3. Bonding or desensitizing – On the root surfaces that are sensitive, you can apply bonding resin for treating the surfaces of exposed roots. You may need a local anesthetic.

4. By undergoing a gum grafting surgery – Sometimes you lose a gum tissue of the root of your tooth. In this situation your mouth’s any part can be used for taking out gum tissue. The dentist then attaches it to the gum tissue that has been lost. For reducing sensitivity and protecting exposed roots, this treatment can help you a lot.

5. By undergoing a root canal treatment – If a number treatments can’t give you relief from pain that is caused by tooth sensitivity then a root canal treatment can help you a lot. Basically, for treating the soft-core tooth problems, the dentist recommends the root canal treatment. If you want to eliminate tooth sensitivity then undergo a root canal treatment which is considered as the most successful and significant treatment.

6. By changing your diet – Sometimes you have to change your diet so as to eliminate tooth sensitivity. Your tooth enamel can become weak if you eat acidic foods. So, try to avoid eating foods that contain acid.

7. By following healthier habits of brushing – For eliminating your tooth sensitivity, sometimes you need to change your brushing habits. Avoid vigorously brushing your teeth. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush instead of hard bristled toothbrush. Your toothbrush motion needs to be gentle. If you will brush too hard then there are chances of light bleeding.

8. By wearing a mouth guard – Stiff jaw, earache, headaches and face pain can occur if at the time of sleeping you grind your teeth. In this situation the dentist will recommend you a mouthguard. You can avoid teeth clenching and grinding by wearing a mouth guard.

9. By lowering down the filling – If you replace the filling or fill a cavity then tooth sensitivity can occur. The tooth cavity can occur because of tooth decay. Also, the tooth sensitivity can occur if you undergo a filling procedure. It has been found that after a few weeks of filling, the tooth sensitivity gets removed. But sometimes it remains for a longer time. The reason can be a high filling. So, by lowering the filling the dentist can help you out.

For avoiding tooth sensitivity from happening again you need to floss daily, use fluoride toothpaste and do brushing two times in one day with a toothbrush having soft bristles. Along with this if you want to prevent your teeth from acid attack then drink a lot of water daily.

For all my dental problems, I will visit the dental hospital near me. There may be a number of departments of dentistry in the hospital and they may offer a number of services which are as follows:

  • Faciomaxillary surgery
  • Facial reconstruction
  • Feature reshaping
  • Face lifts
  • Plastic surgery
  • Some dental procedures like:
  • Periodontics
  • Endodontics
  • Orthodontics
  • Pediatric dentistry
  • Prosthetic dentistry
  • Dental implants
  • Orthognathic Surgery
  • Preventive and cosmetic dentistry
  • Denture implant

Usually with all dignity, compassion and respect they will provide treatment to their patients. The healthcare services that they provide may be holistic and world class.

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