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Dumbbell High Pull

dumbbell high pull

Dumbbell high pull is the exercise of your upper body and back muscles. All you need is the pair of dumbbells.

You can do these pulls by moving your muscles with great force. This, in result provide strength to your muscles.


Dumbbell high pulls strengthen your muscles. These pulls you provide you great energy as well so that you can move your muscles. These exercises also build muscles in your arms, shoulders, back and hip area. it also strengthens the hip and core area.

Targeted areas:

Dumbbell high pull targeted the following areas:

Deltoids Rhomboids Latissimus dorsi Trapezius Biceps

Triceps Glutes

Hip flexors Quadriceps Lower back Abdominals Hamstrings Calves

It means that dumbbell high pull can provide strength and power to the muscles of these area.

Ways to do dumbbell high pull:

There are some primary steps to do before you start this exercise:

First of all, do some stretches. Move your hands in circles, move your wrists in circular motion. So that you can check that either you have any issue in your muscles or you are perfectly fit.

Maintain a proper posture while doing the exercise. Don’t look down, look forward in straight direction.

Keep the dumbbell weight close to the chest, thighs and engage the muscles.

  1. Stand properly by maintaining the hip distance between your feets.
  2. Grip the dumbbell strongly in both hands.
  3. Bend down.
  4. Lower down the weights below your knees.
  5. Raise the dumbbells as high as you can by straightening your hips and knees.
  6. Along the dumbbells, raise your heels also and stand on the tip of your toes.
  7. Then come back to the previous position slowly.
  8. Repeat this 20 times.


There are many other ways with which you can do dumbbell high pulls with a little variation.

  1. One arm dumbbell high pull
  2. Dumbbell high pull to overhead press
  3. Squat to dumbbell high pull

Things you should follow:

  • Gradually increase the weight of dumbbells.
  • Wear comfortable outfit.
    • Do it once a day.
    • Do it 5 times a week.
    • Inhale and exhale during exercise.

Things you should not follow:

  • Don’t start with direct heavy weight.
    • Don’t do this twice a day.
    • Not more than 5 times a week.
    • Never forget to inhale and exhale during exercise.
    • Stretching is the must thing. Don’t forget to do it.

Important thing:

The most important thing while doing dumbbell high pulls is to maintain the body posture. If you will not maintain this posture properly, there are chances of any damage in your muscles.


Warmup and cool down should be done each time. If you are a new bee or have medical issues, start slowly. When you feel it has become easy for you, increase the weight. If you feel any pain or ache, stop the exercise there.


Dumbbell high is a great exercise to provide strength to your body and muscles. It tones up your targeted areas such as shoulders, back, and hips, etc. It is the cheapest way to get power and energy.