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Laser Hair Removal In Singapore – Know Everything About The Treatment

Laser Hair Removal In Singapore (1)

Have you tried out tweezing, waxing, and shaving to remove your body hair? These are time-consuming processes, and you do not get a lasting solution. That is why laser technology is the right choice to remove unnecessary body hair faster. You may also eliminate your facial hair with this process. You will have hairless, smooth skin with minimal effort. Let us share with you some more details about laser hair removal in Singapore.

Laser Hair Removal In Singapore (1)

Not every laser is created equally. You can find lasers of different types, including diode and alexandrite. The diode laser device has a pneumatic head to suck up your skin and follicles. It helps with better targeting your hair during the removal process. On the contrary, alexandrite is suitable for those having a darker skin tone. Patients with darker skin have a risk of hyperpigmentation. But, this laser prevents the risk, as it produces heat to deactivate the follicle. The wavelength of the light does not result in pigmentation. 

Can you remove hair from any body part?

For women, bikini parts, lower legs, and underarms are the most commonly treated sites for laser hair removal. In most cases, men choose their back and chest parts for the treatment.

How do you prepare for the laser hair removal treatment?

Do not use self-tanner and avoid sunlight before undergoing permanent hair removal in Singapore. Some candidates regularly take antibiotics (and other photosensitive medications) for other health disorders. However, they should stop it at least 5 days before undergoing the treatment. Pregnant women who are on medications, which warn against direct sun contact must not receive laser treatment.

Who are the best candidates for laser hair removal?

Candidates with darker hair will find the best results from laser treatment. Their skin pigment absorbs the light energy emitted by the laser. Moreover, those with coarser and thicker hair respond to this treatment better. However, they need some time to achieve the desired results.

Does laser hair removal in Singapore cause any risk?

It is effective and very safe to remove hair from your body. Candidates have not reported any long-term effects on health due to this laser treatment. But, you may find minor side effects like small patches on the skin. You may also have tingling and stinging sensations after undergoing the treatment.

Sensitive parts can be treated by your therapist. After undergoing the treatment, you may have some tenderness and redness in the affected parts. Some patients also experience light sunburn because of the treatment.

Know about the process of removing body hair with a laser

This is a non-invasive treatment. Laser hair removal does not cause any pain. Hair follicles, which are in their first growth stage, are sensitive to laser light energy. The laser light damages your hair roots. After damaging the root, there will be no growth of hair.

The duration of every session of laser hair removal can vary with the size of the parts to be treated. For instance, facial hair removal may take 5 to 10 minutes. But, hair removal from body parts like arms and legs will consume half an hour.

Can you get a permanent hair removal solution with a laser?

You need multiple treatment sessions to achieve the optimal result. Some hair follicles are in their 2nd and 3rd growth stages. Thus, they are much immune to laser light energy. Every follicle does not fall out at a consistent rate. With every treatment session, there will be a significant reduction in the growth of the hair follicles. 

20% of your hair follicles may fall out during your first session. Some hair removal specialists claim that you need at least 5 sessions for the desired outcome. When the hair roots are removed successfully, you will not find regrowth of hairs. But, a few dormant hair bulbs may become active anytime. 

Find some aftercare tips

Your therapist will provide you with important instructions. However, it is essential to know that you can treat the part with a wet and soft washcloth. It will minimize the risk of temporary swelling. Prescription creams can also be used for faster recovery in the unlikely event of side effects of laser hair removal.