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What is the Role of Digital Tools in Education in 2021?

Technology has revolutionized almost every field of life and is rapidly transforming traditional practices. The innovation brought in by technology and its by-products has improved every aspect of modern life.

Education has also seen a tremendous transformation as a result of technological marvels. The internet age education systems are enabling the teachers to bring about the pedagogical revolution. The traditional educational systems relied on the physical classroom as well as the presence of a teacher to physically instruct the students and impart education.

However, with the advent of high-speed internet and other digital tools like online classrooms, educational trends are also changing rapidly. According to a study completed by, 3.2 million students took at least one online course. 

The impact of online and digital tools on education in 2021

Education remained one of the hardest-hit sectors due to the pandemic in 2020. It became impossible for students to continue education in the traditional classroom environment. As the covid-induced lockdowns prolonged and there was no real hope of the virus spread to be controlled, almost every school, college, and university shifted their classes to online platforms.

The tools that enabled the educational institutes to ensure the delivery of knowledge to the students is further improving in 2021. It is expected that AI will be incorporated in the educational applications and tools to aid and assist students as well as teachers.

The most important progress that is expected to revolutionise education is the incorporation of Big Data Analytics, machine learning, and the internet of things. Multiple universities are looking into the possibility of developing the remote research capability for students and state-of-the-art distance learning tools. The online and digital platforms will help the educational institutes to cater to the students in the far-flung areas of the globe.

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A personalized experience for students

Big Data and data analytics are taking a central role in personalising the experience for the students especially online learners. Due to the boom in e-Learning services and the rapid influx of students in the online courses, a lot of data is now available. Course designers and platform designers are using the available information, to create a more personalised and experience-based user interface for students.

The trend of data-backed course design has also become essential for the instructors involved in the courses. The courses are helping students to learn skills that matter in the real world. You can easily purchase best cheap laptop for Online Studies.

e-Learning will become an enabler

The rise of eLearning tools saw steady growth from year to year but due to COVID the importance of online courses and online educational resources boomed in the COVID crises. Several great learning resources emerged online to help students improve their knowledge, learn new skills, and grasp advanced concepts.

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Incorporation of Augmented and virtual reality

In the last decade, teachers started to incorporate videos and graphics content as their coaching aid. The use of interactive videos and graphic content helped teachers to make classrooms more fun, less boring. Videos also helped students to digest the complex concept as visual aid always improves the learning of the students.

In 2021, educationalists will take it a step further by developing course content that can delivered via augmented reality and virtual reality tools. Augmented reality touted as the future of course content delivery and the most effective lecture delivery module. This year will see a rapid adaptation of such tools to create a more immersive and engaging classroom environment.

Gamifying the course content

Another trend that’s going to take 2021 by storm is the gamification of the content for toddlers and young children. The best method to teach young brains is to engage them in interactive games. The trend started to roll when learning applications started to become mainstream in the past couple of years. An example of such applications is a language teaching application Duo Lingo that grasps the attention of students by activity-based games in the field of artificial intelligence ppt is demanding.


It gets tricky when we talk about educational technologies as a lot is going on in the tech side of education. These trends are the most innovative and will be reshaping how we perceive the classrooms.

The course content will evolve from textbooks to videos. Instructors will indulge students in activity-based learning sessions. Whiteboards will replaced by digital screens. The augmented reality and virtual reality gear will become an integral part of the classroom ecosystem. The future of learning will reshaped in near future with tech and digital tools being at the forefront of the change.