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10 Creative Ways To Market Your Product or Service Using Timelines

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Creative Ways To Market Your Product or Service Using Timelines

10 Creative Ways To Market Your Product or Service Using Timelines

It’s time to be creative. We all know the importance of marketing and how it can make a product go from being just another in the line to being one of your best sellers. But what are you doing? Have you tried using timelines for this purpose? If not, then these 10 tips will finally get you on track with your marketing plan!

1) Create an event timeline.

Planning out when events take place is essential for any company that wants to create buzz around its product. It’ll also help you stay organized so that nothing falls through the cracks. Even something as simple as a product launch can feel like total chaos if no one is organized.

2) Create a timeline of your company’s history.

This is great for posting on social media and also sharing with potential customers, who will more than likely appreciate the insight into how the business came to be and what it stands for. Your timeline doesn’t have to be lengthy, just enough that people get an idea of when you began and how far you’ve come.

3) Create a timeline for your product.

If you sell multiple types of items in one category, put them together on one timeline with milestones for each individual product and even certain achievements within the product line. People like to see a series of accomplishments, and this is a perfect way to show them.

4) Create a timeline of your staff’s history with the company.

People like to know that you have invested in your employees’ well-being by giving them stability — and that starts with knowing who they are and where they’ve been. Plus, happy employees are more productive and loyal, which means better service for your clients.

5) Create a timeline of company events.

Are you planning a gala or some other type of business event? If so, show people on social media and via blog posts when it will happen and the significance behind why the gala is taking place. This will also help create a buzz so that when the time comes, you have plenty of people ready to attend.

6) Create a timeline of your customer’s journey with you.

This is another great way to show customers how far they’ve come in their relationship with your company — not just for this year or decade. But also since the beginning when they signed up for your services. Plus, this timeline shows what you’ve done for them and how much it’s meant to them over time.

7) Create a timeline of your company’s success.

Showing people that your business is successful helps generate buzz online and in person. People love seeing other people win — not just in sports, but in business too. It gives them something to strive for and allows them to feel that they can achieve more in their lives too.

8) Create a timeline of your product’s success.

Again, showing people how successful your product is on social media timelines will get them excited about it. When they see other people buy the item you are selling and love it. They will want to jump on the bandwagon and find out what all the fuss is about.

9) Create a timeline of your company’s accomplishments.

Similar to creating a timeline of your staff’s history. You can do this for yourself–and really showcase how much you’ve grown in such a short period of time. Plus, it’s a great way to motivate yourself and your staff moving forward.

10) Create a timeline of answers to frequently asked questions about your product.

Especially if you have people ask the same question over and over again. It can be helpful to create a series of answers. People will appreciate the transparency and won’t have to send an email or call/message you just so they can get their answer. Take it from someone who’s done that many times before — it’s frustrating.

To make timelines more interesting, use Venngage — a free infographic maker that offers a wide range of free timeline templates for everyone to use. Here are some timelines examples from their website!

free timeline templates


free timeline templates


free timeline templates

When you think about it, all there is in life are timelines. From the day we’re born to the day we die, they structure our lives and remind us of where have been so that we can prepare for where we are going next. Use this tool to help better your business now and down the road — not only will it benefit you. But it will benefit your customers too. Create your timeline by clicking here!