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Home » What Is The Process Of Getting Child Custody After Divorce In Australia?

What Is The Process Of Getting Child Custody After Divorce In Australia?

What Is The Process Of Getting Child Custody After Divorce In Australia

According to the Australian Child Custody Law, a child is entitled to enjoy a healthy relationship with their parents. It also implies that a child must be protected from any possible harm resulting from their parents’ divorce. Conversely, after the couple divorces, giving the same kind of care and protection to the child becomes somewhat difficult. In spite of this, Australia imposes strict child custody laws which both the parties must adhere to.

Who can help?

So, are you also entangled in a child custody issue with regard to your child? If yes, then the best child custody lawyers in Perth can definitely help you in this regard. It may happen that your spouse is disclaiming his/her responsibilities towards your kid. Then, a potential child custody lawyer in Perth can help you to claim and acquire those rights and responsibilities effectively. Any child in Australia has absolute rights to education and the other basic facilities that they need.

Why choose the best child custody lawyers in Perth?

Are you thinking that who are the best child custody lawyers near me or elsewhere? Then, without any hesitation, hire a competent child custody lawyer in Perth immediately. These lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with a wide range of child custody issues before. So, your lawyer is well-informed enough to show you the right legal pathway. This way, you can fight and win over your child custody issue effectively. Most importantly, your lawyer will help you fight your child custody case without presenting it to the Australian Court. Get through the statistics from Unified Lawyers.

How to apply for child custody?

When applying for a child custody case, the opinion of the child must be taken into consideration. Another factor must also be considered. It is that the child must not belong to the minimum legal age of adulthood i.e. 18 years. First of all, your lawyer will try to recognize the original nature of your case. Then, your lawyer will try to resolve the entire matter without presenting it to the court of law.

What if the case is not mitigated outside the court?

It may happen that the other party is reluctant about getting the case resolved outside the court. When that happens, then, you are free to file a substantial case against your spouse. After the case is presented to the court, the legal authority will assess both the parties’ circumstances painstakingly. Then after convening a couple of hearing sessions, the court will come to the final decision. If the court finds that all the circumstances are in your favor, then you will win the case.

Crucial aspects of the Australian Child Custody Law

The Australian Child Custody Law underwent some significant changes a few years back. According to this, both parents must share equal responsibilities for the child. Additionally, both parents must fulfill all their responsibilities until the child turns 18 years. In this context, the true meaning of parental responsibilities implies all the rights and duties of the parents. Most importantly, the parents are entitled to these rights and duties unless a Court order or legal amendment emerges.

How child custody lawyers in Perth can help you?

As already told above that the entire child custody case cannot be planned unless the child’s opinion is considered. The best divorce lawyers in Perth will take off all your stress from you. Your lawyer will make sure to include the most crucial points while arranging your case. This way, your lawyer will also try to present your case to the Australian Court in light of an optimistic approach. Finally, if everything is perfect, then, your lawyer ensures the absolute victory of your legal case.

Fight your child custody case in a professional manner

When you get inflicted by a child custody case, nothing can be more resentful than that. You always remain uncertain whether you will get back your child or not. This is the reason you should get in touch with the best divorce lawyers in Perth as soon as possible. You might wonder why suddenly appointing a divorce lawyer in Perth? This is because only a competent divorce lawyer in Perth has the knowledge to fight your child custody adeptly.

What to expect?

Your child custody lawyer will help you at every step until its final verdict comes out. Your lawyer is skillful enough to jot down all the essential points which are in your case’s best favor. Australia also provides special legal privileges to children who are below 10 years. If you wish to optimize these privileges then hire the best divorce lawyers Perth right now. Your lawyer will address the actual child custody matter you are going through first.

What else?

Then, your lawyer will legally assist you from the beginning till the end until the final outcome. At last, your lawyer will ensure that you win the case impeccably which is in the best interest of your child.