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What To Do if You Get in an Accident as a Truck Driver?

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Accident as a Truck Driver

Car accident cases can generally be stressful to deal with. Depending on the severity of the accident, effects can take the form of bodily injury, sleep deprivation, and the loss of your source of livelihood. As a truck driver, the next steps to take in getting your life back on track can be even more daunting. Entrusting the entire process in the good hands of a truck accident attorney with extensive experience in the legal profession can never be a miss. Here are some pointers on what to do should you get into an accident as a truck driver.

Stop and assess the situation


No matter how minor the truck accident is, stopping to assess the situation is advisable. The first thing to do is to alert authorities. A quick phone call to the police and other emergency responders is a civic duty. You can also call in with the owner of the truck or your truck company. If your company is a seasoned player in the trucking industry, they may have a team of experts you can fall back on.

Calling truck accident lawyers can also help guarantee peace of mind in such a confusing situation. With their legal advice, you can better understand your legal options. If you need to enlist a new accident lawyer, do well to localize your hunt. Suppose you’re in Detroit: A quick search query for “truck accident lawyer in Detroit” can bring up several Detroit truck accident lawyers. Localizing your search is a great way to settle on an option familiar with your locality’s statute of limitations and other fault benefits. This is important information to get you a fair legal representation in the Detroit area.

Put up an emergency warning to signal other drivers

After your accident, it’s essential to ensure your big rig doesn’t cause problems for other motorists. And the heavier the traffic, the harder it might be for medical care to arrive on time. Therefore, check your tractor-trailer for any signs of functionality and move it off the road if possible. Alternatively, you can use road signs to divert cars from the wreck at the accident spot.

Check for injuries and property damage

Checking for minor and catastrophic injuries immediately after an accident is general due diligence for motorists. Check your other truck accident victim for any form of injury. If the truck crash happened on a heavy traffic roadway, check the area for any injured person or accident victims. For all you know, your 18-wheeler might have caused a bicyclist to skid off the road into the bushes.

Victims of truck accidents may have several options to file claims. But what does your locality’s fault law say about medical expenses for accident victims? The best way to look out for your personal injury protection and other injury victims is to enlist a personal injury lawyer.

Exchange as much information as possible

Police officers may require you to fill out a contact form after your accident. But having your statement about the entire accident can be a good reference in case of any lawsuit. Put down specific details of your truck accident starting from the date of the accident. You can include the cause of the accident and whether it resulted in any fatality.

An additional step in completing your statement can be the type of accident. Was it a head-on truck crash or a rear-end collision? If possible, add the other driver’s background and the names of interview witnesses. It can help you build a strong case. Even a short video of the accident scene can do you a lot of good in front of your accident lawyers.

Contact your insurance company


Your insurers can do a lot for you, from settling medical expenses to procuring replacement services for your big truck. If you make a phone call to your insurance company early on, you might get a fair idea of what your policy covers and the outstanding out-of-pocket settlements.