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What is Social SEO and Why Should You Go for It?

What is Social SEO

Throughout the past few years, SEO experts have been adapting to the changing trends of Google ranking algorithms. Even though everyone has tried their own strategies and techniques to rank, there are still confusion as to what works and what doesn’t. For example, the idea that whether social mentions factor in the ranking algorithm or not is still a mystery. Since Google almost never lets anything out, it’s up to everyone to find out if it works. However, you can still find every decent digital marketing agency in Dubai trying its best to get its clients to go for social SEO.

So, let’s take a look at what social SEO is and why should you consider it important enough to try:

Social SEO

The term social SEO implies optimizing your website and targeting social media platforms to get backlinks and mentions. Compared to simple organic SEO, social SEO nestles within itself a lot of hard work involving researching and marketing. Not only do you have to narrow down social media platforms to work with, but you also have to locate and engage with audiences online.

Why is it Important?

To clear the air, let’s take a look at hard facts.

If you’re an organisation or a business, you need customer engagement. Social SEO is one of the best ways to reach out to clients that exist on numerous social platforms. There’s no denying that Google is one of the most used platforms for searches. However, if you’re a marketing expert, you know that targeting just one platform isn’t enough. You need more than just a single search engine generating leads for your business.

Now, regardless of whether your social media engagement is benefiting Google rankings or not, is it not generating business? Shouldn’t that be the sole aim of marketing? Ultimately, we’re all trying to generate leads and get customers to engage with our brand and business. So, whether it’s on Google, Facebook or even YouTube, as long as you’re generating sales for your or your client’s business, consider it as a win-win situation.

Social Media Platforms

Here are a couple of things you might not know about various social media platforms.


YouTube might not be as used as Google. However, there are still 6 billion hours of video content watched every month on the social platform. Any smart marketer will understand the potential opportunity to raise awareness and establish a brand identity. With over 1140 searches being performed at any given second, you can be sure that targeting users with creative and engaging video content will bring about a lot of leads. Furthermore, every month, at least 1 billion unique visitors are seen on the platform.


Coming over to Facebook, the social giant is one of the most popular social media platforms for some time now. The main reason you should target Facebook is because of its advanced targeting mechanisms that allow you to target specific audiences around the world. With a business page, you can choose to establish an authoritative identity that engages with consumers and establishes great relations. Moreover, the groups and related industry pages that share your target audiences are a great help. For marketing insights, there are not a lot of platforms that can compete with Facebook.


Although people don’t see it yet, Quora is one of the most used platforms today. It reports having 300 million+ unique visitors every month. Another interesting point to note is that 43% of the traffic generated on Quora comes from India. Furthermore, the site attracts a lot of mobile phone users, totalling the figure to 75% of all traffic.


It’s old but certainly a gold mine. On a daily average, Twitter is a search engine that handles almost 2.1 billion queries. Any hot topic that has a hashtag gets searched on Twitter. Some of the most popular brands such as Samsung, Apple or government authorities and agencies are always found engaging with the masses on Twitter.

Social Media Tactics

When it comes to social media platforms, you can even try hiring social media influencers to do your bidding. Getting social endorsements as Samsung does is a great way to generate trust, confidence and credible leads for your product. All you have to do is offer a few free samples for influencers to review and post on their pages. They’ll mention you on their pages and voila! There’s your free mass marketing. Influencers are always competing to generate trust and credibility with their audiences. With regular posting, they make sure that they are keeping their followers entertained and engaged.

A simple endorsement can mean that at least a million people will look at their posts. Taking into account the facts stated above, it’s important that you consider going for social SEO as well. You’ll find that even if Google doesn’t factor it in, it’ll still end up generating a lot of business for you. Whether you’re doing SEO in Dubai or anywhere else in the world, you’ll need to work on Social SEO to get the most for your business.