What is Putlocker- How they are installed on your computer?

What is Putlocker?

It generates advertisements in pop-up windows that initiate the installation of advertising-type apps and other potentially unwanted apps. Besides, the Putlocker website asks users to show notifications.

Putlocker Adware

Users who click on them often redirect to various dubious, potentially malicious websites. However, sometimes clicking on those Putlockers ads means running code designed to download other unwanted apps. 

Almost all browser hijackers collect information about their users and send it to other people (potentially cyber criminals) who misuse it to make a profit. Normally, these apps collect IP addresses, URLs of visited websites, queries entered in search engines, geographical locations, etc. These apps can cause privacy, browsing security, or even identity theft problems. 

If such websites are allowed to appear, they will start to show unwanted ads, notifications that, if clicked, could lead to unwanted downloads from various ad-type apps and other junk apps. If there are any unwanted apps installed in your browser (or operating system), they should be uninstalled as soon as possible.

How did Putlocker install on my computer?

However, almost all users download them unintentionally – through intrusive ads or when they skip steps in the software installation (or download) process. 

To deceive users into downloading and installing junk apps, developers have been known to use a deceptive marketing method called “packaging”: It allows junk apps to be downloaded and installed along with current (usually free) software. 

All the information about unwanted apps included in the wizards is usually hidden in the advanced or custom settings. 

How to avoid unwanted applications?

  • Download all the software from official websites, and use direct links. 
  • Do not download (or install) anything using software download wizards, installers, torrent clients, and other P2P networks. 
  • Discard all offers to install various junk apps and only then finish the installation process. 
  • Avoid clicking multiple suspicious (intrusive) ads.

 If you come across such redirects often (or ads appear on websites), check the list of installed browser applications or extensions and remove all suspicious entries. Delete all apps of this type as soon as possible. 

Are VOD platforms your best allies?

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, OCS, Canal + Series, Hulu, Apple TV + and soon Salto, Disney + or HBO Max,… VOD platforms have revolutionized the way we consume films and series. There are more and more of them and they are snatching up the rights to broadcast works, but they are also snatching up showrunners. Indeed, they are rare to offer only dissemination. Now, they produce their own series, like the Netflix series that we present more!

Another platform, another atmosphere, Youtube also offers films for a few euros on its video platform.

These video-on-demand platforms offer a fairly impressive catalog of films. These catalogs evolve every week – or every day! – according to the rights purchased by each. It is, therefore, possible that the film you wish to watch is not available on the platform on which you are registered. In this case, what to do?

You have several options, such as:

  • Be patient young Padawan! Wait until the movie plays or is shown on TV;
  • Wait until the film is available on your VOD platform;
  • Subscribe to the VOD platform where your long-awaited film is already available;
  • Go see the film at the cinema if it has just left or gone to a cinema that offers a replay;
  • Watch your movie on a streaming site.

What about the streaming sites which are free?

There are many sites to watch a movie online streaming. The best known in France are Dpstream or Papystreaming, but there are also Filmavoir, Radego, LightStream, and many others. On these sites, it is possible to watch at any time, film streaming generally in VF, but also in VOSTFR -including in the Original Version Subtitled FRANÇAIS-.

Others like Download Zone only offer, as the name suggests, the downloading of films or episodes of series. You will therefore only have access to download links.

Is it legal to watch movies on streaming sites? 

No, these sites are illegal. They do not pay the rights to broadcast these works, nor the agreement of the author. So understand that watching movies, series, or TV shows on these streaming sites makes you outlawed.


Normally, adware or potentially unwanted applications are introduced without permission into the user’s web browsers by downloading free programs. Some of the malicious websites offering free software downloads will not allow you to download your chosen program if you choose to decline the installation of the promoted software. You can know more info over here about tech.

This step will display all the unwanted apps that were to be installed along with the program of your choice.

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