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10 Best WordPress Themes for Apps (2023)

Out of a pool of options available, there’s no doubt that WordPress is making its way up to the surface when it comes to website development and theme customization. In no time, it has become one of the most popular and efficient platforms to provide the necessary tools and space for creating websites in a personalized manner.

One of the most significant advantages it provides is the variety of WordPress Themes and templates it comes with, thereby catering to all kinds of needs that a user could have. There are numerous themes available, each with a different set of features and layouts. Believe it or not, theme customization affects your customers on the website.

Although if you have a design in your mind which is unique. You can create it in photoshop and easily convert that PSD to a WordPress theme. But, if you are a beginner, here is a list of the 10 best WordPress themes suitable for especially apps. And websites too which are the top-grossed in the trends of 2020:

1.  Astra

Being one of the fastest-growing WordPress Themes of all time. It has 900,000+ users who have already taken benefit of this dominant theme to build their websites. It provides you with some starter templates to save the time of designing websites from scratch and also an easy-to-understand editor to customize the theme without interfering with the codes manually.

2.  Divi

By replacing the standard WordPress post editor, Divi introduces you to its latest tech called superior visual editor. Which allows for editing the theme at the front end, which is graphical. You can monitor the changes you perform in real-time as well as create tons of responsive web pages.

Divi also allows you to create and save unlimited custom WordPress Themes and designs for later.

3.  Neve

When it comes to WordPress Themes suitable for mobile apps, Neve is one of the best choices so far. Majorly because it is more focused on the layout to be displayed on the mobile screen than the desktop ones. It is entirely compatible with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) therefore, decreasing the page loading time of your website.

If you already have a website and want to implement Neve into it. You can manually convert your HTML to a WordPress theme, or you can hire a service for the same.

4.  CleanApp

Another option solely dedicated to creating app websites is CleanApp. You can quickly get it on subscription and after payment, take advantage of its quite exclusive features like SEO optimization. Translation to change the languages on your website, different icon fonts and animated scrolling effects, etc. One of the best parts about this theme is that all the browsers support it!

5.  Hestia Pro

With access to all the starter sites, Hestia Pro comes with a more sophisticated and plush-looking theme design. It is easily editable with the help of customizers and guarantees you better page loading. There are many categories to it like Business, Elementor, Responsive, Ecommerce, One-Page, Minimal, Free, and Blog.

6.  Ultra

Its latest feature is named Ultra Skins which allows you to edit pre-made demo sites and create your sample websites at the tip of your fingers. Ultra is the “must-have” theme for beginners as well as professionals at developing websites.

7.  Agency Pro

If you’re someone looking out for a theme that supports your business or agency with the same professionalism that you do, you have come to the right place. With Agency Pro, you can make your services look much more presentable with a touch of clarity and confidence, supported by sleek and smart-appearing designs.

8.  OceanWP

Be it professionalists or hobbyists, OceanWP is a WordPress theme suitable for all categories of developers. Whether you want to convert from HTML to a WordPress theme or start a blog to pass time, OceanWP is an ideal choice to go. It comes with free demos, 24/7 customer support, built-in SEO optimization, etc.

9.  Advent

In the times of responsive web pages, Advent can turn out to be the perfect solution to your requirements. Loaded with visual composer, contact forms, WPML-ready translations, 3000+ icon fonts, HTML5 + CSS3 support, social integration, and many more features to offer. Advent is a whole package of almost every tool you need to have.

10.  iTheme2

If you’re more focused on choosing a theme for technology or Mac-compatible blogs, iTheme2 is the answer to your questions. It is a modified version of the Theme. If you already have something creative in your mind. You can design it in photoshop and convert the PSD to a WordPress theme. While also integrating it subtly with iTheme2, perfect for tech-related designs.