What is Link Earning?

When we talk about earning links. We refer to one of the off-page optimization strategies. The off-page SEO, known above all for the link earning and link building techniques, is surely one of the best strategies to guarantee site positioning. However, you need to know and be able to make excellent use of these techniques in order to increase the popularity of a site on the web.

Let’s try to understand what link earning is, and in what exactly it stands out, for example, from link building.

Link earning actually has the difference from link building that in order to get a backlink from other sites, there is no exchange or sale of links. Basically, getting a link is an ‘ earned ‘ link building, that is, it is achieved thanks to the intrinsic value of the content.

Where a page contains contributions that can give real value to users, then the sharing of content and backlinks will be obtained without having to exchange them or without buying them, because it will be the natural consequence of the high quality of the posts.

In short, you have the link earning when you produce posts of quality and trust so high that they are shared by other users of the network even without looking for these shares.

The advantages of link earning

The link earning consists of one of the most advantageous practices ever, if you try to better position a site. This is because Google calculates the goodness and authoritativeness of a site also based on the type and quantity of hypertext links to the same on the net, but penalizes exchanges of pretentious links and link building made without following the rules.

Instead, it rewards the link earning, which consists precisely in having created really advantageous content for the end-user, of value and quality, and as such viral on the net.

The link earning is truly excellence, as far as search engine rankings are concerned, as they are highly regarded by Google. Furthermore, thanks to the earning link, the possibility of being penalized are eliminated, because the connections obtained in this way are transparent, natural, deserved because they are of high quality.

There is no risk, in short, that Google considers them obtained fraudulently against its algorithm, and therefore you can really earn an optimal position in the SERP. With the earning link, you don’t have to spend.

You don’t have to buy links, because the other webmasters on the net directly quote your content because they are of high quality. So you don’t need to spend money to buy links in other places on the net, and you can also earn qualified visitors, really interested in your articles, willing to spend to be able to read and also willing to share your content on their channels.

 Link earning requires patience

Compared to its great, countless advantages, link earning unlike other techniques to be able to buy links also has a disadvantage: it takes a lot of time.

To make link earning you have to commit to creating content that is truly 100% original and unique and capable of bringing value to the end-user. Furthermore, the link building is not a matter of days or weeks: it can take months, it is a slow process but it is perfect for really gaining authority online.

Working on the SEO on-page and on the earning link, in short, allows you to really earn a good position in the Google SERP avoiding any type of penalty, but it also requires the commitment that is normal when it comes to processing original, high-quality content, that they are superior and that as such deserve attention from the rest of the network.

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