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Link Building Techniques to Obtain Quality Links

Link building

Managing SEO, on-page and off-page, requires the constant use of some useful techniques to improve the positioning of the site. One of these off-page SEO techniques is that of link building, which allows the site to gain greater authority. Link building is the SEO strategy used to obtain incoming links to the site.

According to some studies, the positioning of a site on the web depends on the contents, which must be of high quality and which affect 40% of the positioning; from the SEO on-page technique, that is the SEO optimization of the site and the use of keywords; and finally, also from link building, which has a 40% weight on the positioning of the site. My opinion invoice is that link building affects a much greater percentage, but only if done well and with the necessary precautions.

It is not possible to do SEO effectively ignoring that the good part of positioning on the web derives from the management of the links that link to the site. The authority and traffic of your portal can change very positively thanks to link building: these links, in essence, can really change the positioning of the site for the better.

However, Google’s algorithms need to perceive link building as a natural, not an artificial activity, so link building must be done really well.

Do well link building: here’s how

Doing good link building means, first of all, setting up a strategy that requires patience and study.

The first thing to do is to try to evaluate a website on which you would like to publish content with links. The site must be primarily authoritative and must also be consistent with your reference theme. If the site is not entirely consistent because maybe it is a multi-topic generalist, then you will have to make sure that it has at least the category related to your topic and. Try to evaluate if, in the long run, this link could be harmful to your popularity or on the contrary it could bring advantages.

Second, a well-made link building requires links that are natural enough and quality.

Avoid choosing any link that could penalize the positioning of your site: in Backlinks the golden rule is better than a few links but of high quality.

Finally, once you have chosen the site on which you want to make link building and contacted the owner of the domain, you just have to choose the right anchor text and then produce the content (e-book, article, interview, etc.).

Link building techniques that work

There are various Backlinks techniques: some effective and others potentially risky. Among the best techniques to increase traffic on the site, those that use natural links, such as

  • Guest post. Guest posts, especially if they are well-researched and unpublished articles, are one of the best strategies for obtaining quality backlinks.
  • Do article marketing. They are like guest posts but are marketing oriented and for example, describe the sale of a product or service. The real element of success? Those who read them must find them absolutely natural.
  • Create infographics. They can become viral and above all the website link is inserted: they are tools that often circulate a lot for the web and therefore come in handy for link building.

Other techniques, however, are quite risky:

  • links in forums and blogs, most forums now automatically make links nofollow so it’s not a technique that really works.