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Link building: strategies to increase incoming links

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To position your website among the top places on Google’s SERP, there are no tricks they hold. We need strategies. Below we offer you not 1, not even 2, but 10. This is because, in order to obtain quality and long-lasting incoming links, it is essential to plan an efficient link building strategy.

10 Tips for Best Link building

Such an activity, as you may have understood, certainly cannot be improvised! Ready to improve the organic positioning of your site?

1. From concrete answers

Everyone questions the search engines for answers. Join online discussions by promoting your content. To participate with your business on the platforms where specific questions are asked.

2. Take advantage of infographics

Infographics are resources that should not be underestimated as they attract users, but also Google. The advice is to make sure that they can be incorporated into third-party sites, so the authority and links grow.

3. Choose the right directories, A +++

Here we don’t go too far, what you need to know is that the directories that are truly valid are the accounts on the fingers of one hand. Find them and use them for the desired visibility.

4. Share and go further

Do not limit yourself to your website, convey your content to other sites such as YouTube for example if you have uploaded a video or to SlideShare if you have made a presentation. On these sites, content is indexed very quickly.

5. Make sector information reports

Become authoritative by showing that you are able to analyze and interpret the trends of your sector of competence and make them usable.

6. Offer software

Online There is various tools that allow you to create more or less complex software related to your business that you can offer to your customers. It is a winning way to acquire authority, but also new incoming links!

7. Collaborate

Do not shut yourself in, but rather start collaborations, enter into partnerships, establish profitable relationships. Joining a network of people working in the same sector is useful to see the number of backlinks to your site increase.

8. Press releases

Especially if you want to make known a new product or service that has just entered the market are the press releases, on which the URL of your site must never be missing.

9. Exchange of advantages

The relationships which we mentioned in point 7 can also be used to have a mutual exchange of advantages. Then publish interviews or other content about third parties and their business on your site, as long as they are in line with yours. You will soon discover how the simple sharing of the person concerned, involved, will generate an ament of the incoming links.

10. Test the power of your site

Take part in the contests that offer international quality prizes. Being successful in this challenge, in addition to being satisfying and satisfying, is productive at the level of incoming links, which will suffer a surge.

As you will have understood, link building is an activity that cannot be 100% automated, it requires time, resources, energy, and many strategies. Do not choose the easiest way to avoid severe penalties!