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Top Website Hosting Factors That Can Affect The SEO of Your Site

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Top Website Hosting Factors That Can Affect The SEO of Your Site

To enhance your SEO ability, turn to your website hosting provider

Web Hosting Factors That Can Affect The SEO of Your Website

These days, you have to be in the front row of your SEO (Search engine optimization) game constantly to continue visitors/traffic streaming to your website. SEO implies customizing your site to show up as high as possible in SERP from significant search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! In a perfect world, when somebody looks for a search term. That is pertinent to your online business. You need your site to be the first or on top to show up on the results. 

While much of your site’s SEO grade is taken from the content published on it. There’s something else entirely to it than that. Elements associated with your hosting service, for instance, adding an important element. In this post, we are going to look at the top 5 web hosting issues that can affect the organic traffic of your website. 

1. Slow Speed of Website

Nobody likes to await for a site to load/open. In reality, waiting is so abhorred over the web that significant-top search engines. Such as Google features the loading speed of your site into your total SEO score. Sites/blogs that take more time to load are punished by search engines. Although websites that load in a split second are given a push in search results. 

Therefore, selecting a web host that can give your site visitors a fast experience is much needed to search engine ranking. In the event that you can bear the cost of it. Consider moving up to the best VPS hosting providers in India. A Dedicated server or cloud hosting environment from slow shared server hosting. That is particularly significant in case you get thousands of visits to your site every month. 

Moreover, ensure that your web host provider’s data center is found near your targeted audience. The further information must be sent to and fro, the more time it takes for your site to load. You may likewise need to consider configuring page caching with your host service provider or subscribing to a CDN (content delivery network) service.

With this in mind, make certain to examine the content of your site before you find fault in your web host for moderate loading of your site. Big-size pictures, badly developed plugins, as well as messy HTML, and Javascript code would all be able to burden your site and damage its overall SEO score of it. 

3. Database Connection Error

In the event that your site visitors start seeing a warning message. That states Internal Server Error or Database Connection Related Error. This is due to your server having been over-burden with traffic. This will not hurt your SEO score as much as your site being completely disconnected. However, it can increase your website’s bounce rate.

In the short run, you can make a cached version of your website or top pages. So that your visitors do not really need to interface with the database stored with your hosting organization. In WordPress-powered blogs and websites, the most effortless approach to achieve this is with a free plugin named WP Super Cache. 

In the long run, however, you will have to consider upgrading your web hosting plan. Database-related issues result from the way that you just need more amount of data transfer to deal with all your site traffic. Ask your current host to upgrade to a VPS or Cloud hosting solution.. 

2. Site Downtimes

The main thing more terrible than a slow-loading site is one that will not load completely. Web page downtime is quite often brought about by issues at your host. It might be because of equipment failure, an over-burden web server, a security infringement, or something different. 

Unluckily, the SEO performance of your site can affect negatively regardless of whether your website is offline for only a couple of minutes in a day. Leading search engines like Google and Bing can decline your site as being untrustworthy. On the off chance that the site downtime goes on for quite a long time rather than a few minutes. Google may remove your site from search results inside and out. 

While picking the best web hosting India Website, investigate whether they give an uptime assurance and how great it is. Anything less than 99.99 is not acceptable because 99% uptime implies your site could be down for a few days each year. A 99.99% uptime means your site is going to be down for only a couple of minutes every year. 

5. Wrong TLD

Assuming there is any chance of this happening, ensure your site URL utilizes a .com extension. For good or bad, this is the thing that individuals assume. That you are utilizing when they move toward your site through Google search. In the event that your site address ends with .net or .biz, visitors will experience difficulty locating your site. 

The unfavorable truth is that a large portion of the best .com domain names have been already taken, so there is something of a compromise here. Whatever you choose to do, ensure that your site domain name is short. Simple, and easy to remember and your TLD is not unclear in case you can’t obtain a .com extension. 

4. Sharing Shared Server with Spammers

Despite the fact that it is not a typical issue, partitioning your physical server to nasty sites and emails can really hurt your site’s rankings. At the point when web search engines punish malicious sites. They punish each web page utilizing that specific IP⁠. Which could comprise your site in case you are utilizing a shared server hosting plan. In case you are stressed this may be a reason for the terrible SEO performance of your site, it’s much easier to check. Use the Reverse IP Domain Checker available online to see who else is utilizing your IP. 

Final Words

Dealing with your site’s SEO is a very challenging task that never appears to end. While a great proportion of your web page’s SEO score is gotten from the content. It’s imperative to watch out for hosting service-related factors that can create a massive impact on the search engine ranking of your site. By spending a couple of hours choosing the best hosting company for your site. You can take out a lot of these potential SEO issues directly from the beginning.