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Why should you opt for wireless earphones?

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Everyone loves music, no one these days lives without an earphone. A wired earphone, despite its benefits and the company that it gives you in your solo trips, has got quite some disadvantages, including the forever tangled messiness. 

This quarantine is the right time to get wireless earphones to escape from the mess and for many other reasons.

Why you should choose wireless earphones over wired ones?

For leading a tangle-free life:

As petty as it may sound, it isn’t a petty thing actually. Imagine every moment your friend sends you a voice note, and you struggle detangling your earphones. Sometimes in a hurry, you don’t even get to detangle them. You would rather keep it tangled and use it as such, making the wire and your range of freedom, so very short! Especially, if you are an organized person, detangling your earphones adds to your to-do list mandatorily. To keep your wired earphones tangle-free, you may have to purchase earphone organizers and pouches. There are a lot of wireless earphone in India, to avoid such extra pains you could switch to any of them.

For the freedom of mobility:

Why cage yourself through plugs and wires when you need not? The distance you can move away from your mobile with the headphones might be less but definitely a few times more than the 60cm radius. You can just put your wireless earphones or headphones on and leave your mobile to get charged while you cook your favorite meal. You may do your workout listening to a fast beat song without having to worry about dropping your phone from the pocket. Do we need to say more? 

For Being Mr. Cool: 

Wireless earphones are truly some cool gadgets everyone wishes to own. In fact, it can make you feel like an undercover cop waiting for the superior’s order to shoot some supervillain. By just putting on these wireless gadgets, you can move fast anywhere and everywhere you want without any extras clinging onto your ears by leaving your mobile rest inside your backpack.

For the love of music:

Be it rock, be it jazz, be it classical be it instrumental, everyone loves music. Likewise, you may need to listen to music anywhere you want. Maybe while sitting on a beach or a park, or just laying on your terrace, stargazing. Of course, you may use your wired earphones in these cases, but wireless earphones give you a different level of freedom. Especially when you have been using wired earphones for a long time, you will feel it.

For keeping yourself away from extras:

Are you tired of keeping yourself limited while using your wired earphone or headset?! It is high time that you purchase your wired earphones. With wired headphones, you cannot even stretch your hands free or move even a bit away from your mobile phone. You will always have to wear wires around you. But with wireless earphones and headphones, you need not have to keep yourself arrested within the radius of your earphones. 

For quality and stability:

These days, the sound quality of wireless earphones are so good that you will have to purchase one for your own just to listen to your favorite song or watch your favorite movie in the same feel as in the theaters. Be it wired earphones, sometimes you will have to keep your plugs in a particular direction while using them. It will lose its stability even if you move the plug a centimeter away without knowledge. But with wireless earphones, you need not have to worry about the stability at all.

For it is already 2020:

Yes, it is already 2020, and it is high time you buy wireless earphones before it gets old. Who knows, next year there might come another advanced version of earphones, and you may still haven’t tried wireless earphones. 

For experiencing your theater at home:

Almost all homes have a really big enough inch television set in which you wish to watch your favourite series or a new movie released on OTT. But you do not want to disturb others at home. In this case, you cannot even think of plugging in your wired earphones from your television to your ears unless you want to sit that close to the television screen and lose your eyes. Nobody would want that. By having your own wireless earphones, you can sit back on your comfy couch with some popcorn and tune on to your favorite show. This is something you can enjoy only with wireless earphones and nothing else.

To conclude:

You cannot expect tangled-free wired earphones with a really good mobility radius. These features you can enjoy in wireless earphones only as they cannot be seen in any other kind of music gadget. You might be thinking that you have to plug in another device to get your wireless earphones charged, but just think what all you can do with them. Hope you have made up your mind now.