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How do Webinars Differ From Virtual Events?

How do Webinars Differ From Virtual Events

As time changes, virtual events and hybrid events have become immensely popular. It has now become an integral part of every industry. With each passing day, more and more virtual events are happening nowadays. It has gained momentum recently and become the first choice of the marketer, organizer, and presenter to host any event.

With the upheaval of events caused due to the global pandemic, more and more events move online. A pop-up alongside stating get the best webinar services? This clicks the question in mind what is the difference between virtual events and webinars? Well, we will state the difference between both of you further in the article.

Virtual event platform service providers often come across a very common question of whether they offer virtual event solutions or webinar services or the possibility of doing both.

What are webinars?

The webinar is a web-based seminar that is organized in digital space over the internet on the virtual webinar platform. The webinar is a video marketing tool, allowing the audience to engage interactively and ask questions to speakers in real time. It includes video presentations, workshops, online lectures, training sessions, internal meetings, and so on.

Webinars overcome several barriers starting from geographical constraints, limited venue space, and restrictions on the number of attendees. It comes with an exuberance of viewer interactive engaging features such as Live polls, chats, surveys, etc. that works well when the webinar is live. It allows businesses to connect with attendees residing in any part of the globe.

Apart from the engaging features, webinars enable attendees to share screens, offer whiteboards with drawing tools, and make your presentations even more interactive and immersive. From giving online presentations to carrying out training sessions to offering online lectures or classes, webinar services serve all. Businesses are tapping into this powerful tool and carrying out their internal meetings, workshops, seminars, and online courses seamlessly over the web.

Webinar offers various merits right from maximizing lead generation, conversions, and increasing ROI. It helps in connecting people remotely and creates a win-win scenario for any organization.

The best webinar platform offers interactive and immersive webinar services that allow businesses to reach audiences globally. It offers endless networking possibilities to connect that prove beneficial in the long run. It allows businesses to host an automated webinar, series of webinars, live webinars, and on-demand webinars in full HD.

Benefits of webinar services

Webinars help in amplifying business communications and connect you with the audience globally. To understand the benefits of hosting a live, series, or automated webinar, let’s have a closer insight into its merits:

  • Helps in building connections worldwide. Registered attendees who access webinar sessions are an addition to a database.
  • Enables businesses to establish themselves as an expert in the domain by allowing businesses to connect with potential target customers.
  • Live webinars allow attendees to have one on one interactions with speakers or presenters in real time.
  • Unlike physical seminars, webinar services allow businesses to record webinars and offer on-demand webinars to attendees who missed attending the session.
  • Converting leads becomes easy with webinars as attendees need to register beforehand to attend a session. The attendees who register already hold an interest in the offering thus making it easy to nurture leads.
  • Webinars overcome the limitation of venue capacity to hold a number of attendees & geographical constraints.
  • Webinars allow you to present presentations or courses in a more fun and interactive way as it has more impact than written collaterals.

What are virtual events?

On the other hand, when it comes to virtual events, it is a replication of any physical event. Any event that is organized online in a virtual space over the internet in place of the ground is known as a virtual event. It involves a gathering of people who interact with each other in real time via text/audio/video chats. 

The best virtual event platforms offer interactive and engaging virtual event solutions such as live polls, surveys, and game quizzes that keep the audience hooked throughout the event. Virtual events allow you to connect with the audience residing in any corner of the world.

Right from hosting virtual product launches, virtual internal & external meetings, and virtual conferences with business delegates, trade shows, expos, job fairs, and webinars, all come under the frame of virtual events.

A webinar is a type of virtual event that is used to host seminars, presentations, online courses or lectures, and small internal meetings. Virtual events can run for several days the same as in-person events and reach audiences globally without any constraints. The comprehensive interactive features make virtual events more engaging and likable.

Thinking about moving your music event online, or want to launch a new product or service online, or want to host a virtual conference or AGM with stakeholders and shareholders, a dynamic virtual event platform serves all offering brilliant networking opportunities.

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