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Tips To Boost Virtual Events Engagement

Hacks To Increase Virtual Events Engagement

In today’s era, leveraging virtual event technology makes it possible to connect with the audience residing in any corner of the world. The upheaval of events caused due to the global pandemic made virtual events immensely popular in recent times. There is no doubt that virtual events are here to stay.

Due to its various merits such as expanded reach, interactive solutions, accessibility, and so on, virtual event solutions became the first choice for marketers & organizers. Virtual event solutions allow people to tune in and connect from remote locations from the comfort of their own space. Whether you are planning to host recurring internal meetings, conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, job fairs, or internal or external company events all can be carried out on the best virtual event platform that offers interactive solutions.

Virtual or Hybrid Events

By now everyone is familiar with virtual or hybrid events as it has become the new normal. Leveraging virtual event technology is one of the most valuable decisions taken by marketers. It prevented businesses across the globe from dipping down. It enabled people to connect seamlessly from the comfort of their own space.  Virtual event solutions offer a chance to recreate on-ground event experiences in a virtual environment. It has been anticipated by now, virtual events are the future of every industry as it overcomes geographical constraints and space limitations of the event venue.

Falling out of the audience amid virtual or hybrid events is the major concern faced by marketers and organizers today. Audience engagement is the biggest challenge for marketers while hosting a virtual event. Online virtual meetings or virtual events or conferences can be interactive and engaging with the right and effective virtual event technology and strategy. To make your virtual events more engaging and interactive, we have shared some of the most valuable and innovative tips that help in achieving the engagement of attendees with the ongoing online event. Read on to get insight into valuable tips:

Hacks To Increase Virtual Events Engagement:

Hacks To Increase Virtual Events Engagement

1. Introduce the purpose of your virtual event

Firstly, let your attendees know the purpose of hosting a virtual event. Whether its a product launch, a meeting to discuss company goals for the coming year, a trade show or exhibition or you are hosting a virtual career fair, webinar, etc. the purpose and goal of hosting a virtual event should be clear in the mind of the presenter as well its attendees or audience.

2. Check out for a technical setup

When you plan to host an online virtual meeting or conference or event, make sure to check out for any technical glitches beforehand. It helps from preventing any virtual event from falling flat on the face. Make sure you have a reliable and strong network connection that has a large bandwidth to hold an ample audience without buffering.

3. Enable Live Audio & Video Chats

Take advantage of interactive engagement tools to make your virtual event more engaging. Enable live audio and video chats to keep the audience hooked throughout the event. It allows the audience to interact with other audiences, presenters, exhibitors, and tech support in real time without any geographical constraints. It helps in replicating the feel of physical events thus making virtual events more engaging.

4. Introduce games amid your online events

To keep the audience engaged with an online virtual event, introducing some games helps them from falling out in between sessions. Introduce spin the wheel between long sessions or after a conference or amid a brand event. Offer virtual and physical giveaways and deals on whichever the wheel stops. It is one of the perfect ways to keep the audience engaged with the event.

5. Add on interactive features

Take advantage of virtual event solutions and make your online virtual meeting or event more interactive by organizing live polls, Quizzes, and Q & A sessions. Introducing live polls amid your online event helps in gaining audience opinion thus keeping them engaged. It helps the presenter to get valuable audience insight that which part of the event holds the most value to them.

Organizing a quiz is a smart move to keep the audience engaged. You can even opt to offer gifts to the winners of the quiz, it makes the event interesting, interactive, and engaging as well. If you are looking to boost your virtual event engagements, organizing Q&A sessions is the conventional yet effective way to boost engagements. You can even try your hands-on with a multiple-choice Q&A format to create engagements.

6. Engage audiences with the photo booth at virtual events

Adding an element of fun to your virtual events keeps the audience engaged for the entire event. Prevent your audience from falling out amid monotonous sessions by incorporating photo booths at your online events. It is one of the most innovative ways that allow online attendees to get clicked with branded photo frames and download them and share them on various social channels.

7. Use Social walls, Twitter wall & social mosaic

To make your virtual events more engaging, you can use social walls or Twitter walls for your events. Social wall integrates all the social media feeds with particular event hashtags from the most popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Whereas Twitter wall as the name suggests, the Twitter wall collates all the integrated Twitter feeds with event hashtags.

Select the best depending on your audience segment and presence to boost better engagements. You can even try to incorporate social mosaic into your virtual event to boost engagement. It captures the photographs of all the attendees which can later be utilized by the brand in an image or logo.

8. Keep online virtual meetings short

If you are hosting an online meeting, try to keep it small if possible. It helps in delivering an on-point topic without letting the attendees get distracted. It does not mean you have to give up on large meetings. If the topic demands holding long virtual meetings, make sure that every attendee has a role and is engaged.

9. Mute, when you are not speaking

One of the most important tips is to keep the conversation going without any distractions thus keeping the audience engaged. Mute it when you are not speaking to prevent background noise.

10. Follow up

It’s always a good idea to follow up with attendees post online events and thank them for attending the event. Ask if they are left with any questions that were not answered during the event and their feedback. It helps in making them feel valued and appreciated thus boosting engagement for the upcoming next event.

The right use of virtual event technology and strategically implementing innovative measures helps in making virtual events more engaging!

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