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What is Web Hosting Reseller System – Detailed Guide?

web hosting reseller system

In this article, you’ll learn all about web hosting reseller systems and reselling business plans, and much more. A reseller business can be the best option for making money and first-time entrepreneurs.

Nowadays, many top web host companies offer reseller hosting with whmcs service at a discounted price. Reseller hosting is the hosting that allows you to start your own hosting business only if you need to buy a reseller plan.

What is Reseller Business?

Web hosts offer reseller hosting plans where you can buy a reseller package at a discounted price that includes disk space, bandwidth, and many cPanel accounts, so you can resell it to your client.

You can design your hosting packages and configure different accounts according to your needs and start selling web hosting services.

Also, you will be able to create your brand, so no one will know that you are a reseller with the white label feature that you get in the reseller hosting package.

In short, buys server space at the lowest price from a higher-tier web host company and then resell it to your clients.

How does reseller hosting work?

The web hosting business is so easy to start. Here are the few steps by step guides to establishing a hosting reseller business:

  • Find the best and most reliable web hosting company that offers reseller plans
  • Buy an affordable, inexpensive-priced reseller account from the web hosting provider
  • Compare their prices and purchase the reseller package that meets your business needs
  • Create your business website with easy navigation which will attract customers to your portal
  • Know and understand your competitor’s hosting plan
  • Decide the web-hosting price at which you will sell the packages
  • Sell hosting packages to your clients and earn more profit
  • Promote your web hosting business to specialize in a particular niche. You can advertise your site through blogs, paid links, email marketing, social media marketing, etc.

Benefits of Reseller Hosting

  • Less Expense – Reseller hosting plans are mostly cheaper because the web hosting company offers reseller plans at a discounted price.
  • Complete control – Reseller hosting allows you to control your disk space usage and manage all the aspects of the website. You also get more space at a reasonable price and less maintenance.
  • Income Generation: Reseller hosting is the best option for generating profits by selling server space with others. Reseller Hosting is the best practice to earn huge revenues.
  • Tools – Reseller hosting accounts are provided with a variety of tools that make things simple and can reduce time. Also, many providers even offer unlimited SSL certificates.
  • Create brand: You as a reseller can create your business brand, due to white label reseller hosting.
  • WHM and cPanel: The best Linux reseller hosting providers offer free WHM and cPanel with the packages. Further, you get the option to offer control panel accounts to your clients.

Top Web Hosting Reseller FAQs

How Much Does a Hosting Reseller Earn?

The amount you earn depends on some factors, but a cloud vps reseller business can be very profitable. Some reseller hosting providers allow you to resell add-on services such as domain names, email services, and SSL certificates, which can help you earn more money. 

There are some basic features usually included in packages.

  1. Latest cPanel control panel and other tools
  2. Provide additional hosting features like mail and security
  3. usually, 24/7 support is offered by the hosting provider
  4. Provide Disk Space, Bandwidth, and Domain Hosting
  5. The facility to manage your plans and configure various accounts per your needs
  6. Ability to brand your own web hosting company with the parent hosting company hidden to your client means they offer white-label features in a reseller package 

Best Reseller Hosting Services

There are a lot of web hosting companies that provide web hosting reseller system plans. The following are the five best reseller hosting companies for 2022 so that you can choose the best option for your needs.

  • DomainRacer]: Best feature with the cheapest rate
  • HostGator – best price for reseller hosts   
  • GoDaddy – best for unlimited resource
  • A2 Hosting – best for support and features
  • HostPapa – best for reseller beginners

These are the five best resellers hosting based on factors such as uptime, features, help and support, pricing, and more.


Reseller hosting is an inexpensive way to start your own business and make an extra income with white label web hosting.

The website hosting reseller system is a relatively low-risk venture with limited start-up cost? If you want to start a reseller business, then choose the best and most affordable reseller hosting service.

We hope this gave you a good summary of what a web hosting reseller system is and how reseller hosting works?