Understanding the Difference Between Different Law Positions

A legal system includes lawyers providing service at many positions, which can become very confusing for an individual to understand who works as what and different roles they play in the law firm.

Let us comprehend the difference between a lawyer, attorney, legal administer and a paralegal.

Understanding different professional working in law positions in the legal system

A lawyer

A lawyer is a legal proficient, who has completed and is skilled in the field of law. Any individual who has achieved a bachelor’s degree in law is qualified to be called as a lawyer.

However, to stand for the client and represent them at court, additional training and qualifications are required. As a lawyer, you are qualified to practice as a legal advisor or a consultant.

An attorney

For being represented as an attorney, a lawyer has to complete basic qualification and training, after which they have to cover their internship period working under an attorney for gaining direct experience of handling legal cases.

During the internship period, the lawyer has to submit articles, after completing them they can sit for a board exam. Passing the board exam gives you access to apply at higher court to practice as an attorney.

 An attorney provides services as a litigator, patent attorney and a conveyance.

An advocate

An advocate is a legal professional who has to symbolize the client in the court. If you approach an attorney, they will direct the client to the advocate in case the situation requires handling the case in the court. An advocate can represent the client at higher courts as well. They do litigation cases and duties, which mostly depend on the field they are practising and consulting.

For officially practising as an advocate, one has to be registered as a member at the council of the bar.

An advocate in Dubai will represent your case in court rather than a lawyer. The advocate works on the case with the help of a paralegal. Let us understand who a paralegal is?

A paralegal

A paralegal is responsible for the research part and interrogating the client for the case. They conduct all the work that would be required by the lawyer or attorney during the case. A paralegal works as a legal assistant for the attorney, whose role is to help in drafting and filing legal documents.

A legal administrator

A legal administrator is an element of a legal system that looks after administrative duties, which requires going through intensive training for handling legal affairs of the firm. They are not like any office administrator but to qualify as a legal administrator they have to have sound knowledge about laws and legal practice.

Some of the roles of a legal administrator are;

  • Work on legal documentation
  • Work with clients related to an administrative matter
  • Filing
  • Looking after office materials
  • Administrationof lawyer schedule and meetings

When these terms become so confusing?

Though each position is different from the other, in reality, it can still become very confusing for a non-professional to understand certain roles. The confusion is due to the overlapping of common characteristics of legal duties and consultation in practice.

Like a paralegal, also have to work and perform duty as a legal administrator for a law firm.

Another confusion that can happen is that different countries acknowledge these professionals differently, like in some places an advocate is called as a barrister. 

Whereas a paralegal is also named as, a clerk or a legal administrator is also referred to as a legal secretary.

In conclusion: if you are looking for starting a career

If you are looking for setting a career in Law field, you should be aware of these terminologies before you decide to choose the one suitable for you. With years of studies and training, an individual becomes a professional and a specialised lawyer who can help in sorting legal things for you. By knowing differentiation, you would know whom to consult next time you require any legal advice. Like in UAE, you should be aware whether to consult advocates in Dubai or handling issue with a lawyer in Dubai will be enough.

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