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Why You Should Waste No Time in Hiring A Workers Comp Attorney?

Your life is often shattered when you are injured at work. If dealing with the pain and expensive medical treatment isn’t enough, you also have to bear wage losses. In worst case these injuries can lead to permanent disability. The only saving grace for injured workers is Workers’ Compensation which offers you financial support and compensation for the losses you have suffered. Though it may not heal your physical pain, it ensures that you and your dependents will get the much-needed financial cushion in this hour of crisis. That said there are thousands of workers that earn no compensation or are under-compensated by the insurers. In majority of these cases, it is their indecisiveness in hiring a Workers Compensation Attorney Oakland , that diminishes their prospects of earning what is due to them.

There are several factors that can be attributed to this indecisiveness in hiring a work injury lawyer in Oakland. The biggest is the notion that one doesn’t need to hire an attorney to file a compensation claim. While this is technically true but you can get caught up in red tape and the system would frustrate you. There are several studies that have pointed towards the fact that success rate and compensation amount is higher when people choose to work with an attorney. Let us now take you through few reasons why you shouldn’t waste any time in hiring Best Oakland Workers Compensation Attorney.

The clock is already ticking        

 You have only one year from the day of your injury to file a compensation claim and need to report the injury or medical condition to your employer within 30 days. This is the first and the foremost reason why you can’t afford to be indecisive or delay hiring an attorney.  While the one-year time period might seem long enough, you may have already exhausted most of it recovering from your injury. When you have to rush in to meet this deadline you may have limited choices as far as hiring the best pittsburgh workers compensation attorneys is concerned.

Your employer isn’t responsible for your compensation      

Do not believe in the myth that your employer would file the compensation claim on your behalf. This is one of the reasons why injured workers tend to delay hiring an attorney. Neither do employers fight for your compensation claims, nor are they legally bound to do so. They are supposed to give you a DWC-1 Workers Compensation Claim Form and beyond that it is your own fight for compensation.

There is lot of paperwork involved    

Workers comp claims involve tons of paperwork and most people who opt for self-representation are overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork involved in the process. Given that most of us don’t like filing up our tax forms this paperwork can be tiring. An unintentional error can result in delayed or reduces benefits and in the worst cases might be used against you by the insurer. Even for an experienced attorney paperwork takes time and hence the earlier you hire them you increase the chances of an early settlement.

They answer all the questions    

Insurers aren’t in a giveaway business and hence they try every possible trick to keep the compensation amount to bare minimum. There are lot of questions and counter-questions during the claim process. These need to be responded and done so within given time limits. An attorney takes care of this process and ensures there are no delays that can stretch the claim process further.

Thus you see the reasons why you can’t afford to make any delays when it comes to hiring Workers Compensation Attorney Oakland. It is important for you to choose a law firm that has good success rate and enjoys good reputation among its past clients.