Top 8 Resorts Near the City of Joy

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A destination wedding in Kolkata, needs to organize at fancy Five Star hotels, or the widely available resorts near Kolkata or in the city.  The best way of finding resorts near Kolkata, is to get it filtered out from efficient holiday websites, found online. They provide you with the most efficient form of information, unfiltered or lucrited with some handsome words. 

1. Vedic Village

This is probably the first and the most popular name you will hear in the list of resorts near Kolkata. It is not situated in the heart of the city, rather around the most busy area of Kolkata for weddings and banquet halls. 

Vedic Village is situated at Newtown, which is supposedly believed to become one of the most modern places  in the city of Joy. As resorts near Kolkata, this has an ambience of an urbanized or modern village

2. Palm Resort

The most lovely place, which isn;t very far away from the city of Kolkata. The Solitary Nook can considered among the resorts near Kolkata, as it happens to be at Kalyani. The best part about the place is there is a line of natural greenery and lush all around

3. Victoria Beach Resort

This considered as the best holiday destination on a budget. This is located at Mandarmoni, which is just kilometres away from Digha, and also has the most beautiful sealine. The place is beautiful and is one of the most asked resorts near Kolkata. 

4. Ffort Resort

If you have any affinity to make your wedding at one of the grandest resorts near Kolkata, then Ffort is just the right choice for that. This is at the most posh destination of Raichak. As one knows about raichak, it is a extravagant paradise and has all the facilities needed to embark a wedding function. 

5. Cafe Ekante

Like Vedic Village, and Country roads, Cafe ekante isn’t at any different location. This is at the most beautiful location of Kolkata, Newtown. Among the resorts near Kolkata, this is one of the most favorable options for hosting a wedding in style. This is just what needed for a small gate together or wedding function as a whole. 

6. Country Roads

This is at a similar destination like the Vedic village. Rather the two resorts in Kolkata, are close enough to be in an adjacent area or location. The location is just perfect for organising weddings, and many other forms of events. 

7. Solitary Nook

The perfect getaway, from the mundane lifestyle of Kolkata to the Sundarbans. This is absolutely delightful for a holiday getaway in the largest delta of the world. The best place for the resorts near Kolkata

8. Ibiza

Neither Ibiza located inside the heart of the city, nor is it destined to anyway near it. It is slightly around the interiors of Kolkata, which makes it far away from the main city. And also, a perfect getaway from the city

This is an absolute delight for people, who want their resorts near Kolkata, but also a closer destination to the river Ganga. This is a perfect place, where you get a in-house Disco, a poolside. 

Whatever happens, has a reason for it. Similarly if you have decided to host your wedding in Kolkata, then you have these amazing places to rejoice. The resorts of Kolkata have the most amazing places to make your destination wedding a really memorable experience for you and your family. You cannot repent having made the decision to host your wedding in Kolkata, as it is one of the most desirable options to choose from.

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