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In the event that you need to investigate the islands in Greece, Amorgos ought to be a piece of your rundown. It is the nearest island to the adjoining Dodecanese island gathering. Amorgos doesn’t just offer delightful sea shores and staggering scenes yet in addition antiquated religious communities that merit visiting. So to find out about this island, read different spots you can visit underneath.

Best Things to do in Amorgos, Greece

Best Things to do in Amorgos, Greece

Cloister of Panagia Hozoviotissa

At the point when you come to Amorgos, you should visit the cloister. It has an excursion of around 10-15 minutes however it isn’t so troublesome. If you don’t mind recollect that there’s a severe clothing standard for ladies and men. The actual cloister intrigues all around. It is fabricated right in the stones high over the Aegean Sea.

Extraordinary design and an amazing area directly in the rough waterfront scene, surely perhaps the most mystical and one-of-a-kind spots you can visit in Amorgos. Get all your queries removed within no time by calling on Latam Cancellation Policy


Chora is the most unique capital of Amorgos. Little winding roads, stunning white old houses, numerous bistros, bars, and eateries. Chora is wonderfully arranged on the mountain. From good ways, you can see the Chora factories with their pleasant rear entryways and the various pretty little bistros and eateries/bars, you can discover numerous wonderful photograph themes.

Agia Anna Beach

After the visit to the religious community, you can slip via vehicle to the seashore of Agia Anna which comprises two little sea shores with stone. Agia Anna Beach is quite possibly the most delightful sea shores that Amorgos has. It is an excellent seashore with stones and shakes. It is likewise ideal for plunging and swimming. Be that as it may since it is little, discovering conceal is somewhat troublesome.

Mourou Beach

Another piece of Amorgos that will leave you with your mouth open. A seashore with moderately troublesome access however will repay you when you show up. Mourou is a pleasant seashore with decent waters. You can likewise investigate the caverns that you can reach by swimming a couple of meters from the shore. Simply be mindful so as not to jump in light of the fact that there are sufficient rocks that you may hit.


The Maltezi can be reached by boat in only 15 minutes. While from the outset, you may think it is a customary coordinated seashore, in the event that you set aside some effort to find the seabed, you will comprehend where it varies. Rich vegetation. Exceptionally fascinating submerged outing. An absolute necessity visit to Amorgos.

Amorgos Botanical Park

A wonderful nursery where you can sit, unwind and disregard everything. It is fundamentally an all-around kept nursery where a little bar is working, which notwithstanding the standard beverages, offers a progression of teas and implantations that work out in a good way for the loosening up environment of the spot.

Aegiali Beach

Aegiali is an enormous, sandy, and moderately shallow seashore. It is perhaps the most delightful and effectively available seashore of Amorgos. There are sufficient shades that you can sit on. Close to the seashore, you will discover looks for espresso or for food just a couple of meters close to the market of Aegiali.

St. Valsamitis

The Agios Giorgios Valsamitis Monastery is situated in a green desert spring with lovely, very much-kept nurseries. The congregation is totally worth seeing and is overseen by Sister Irini. Nuns have been living here for quite a while. Get all your queries removed within no time by calling on Avianca Cancellation Policy


A great seashore and is open via vehicle or by boat. This seashore is sandy and ideal for games. It has a seashore bar and a bar and is close to Aegiali Town.

Pyrgos of Ancient Arkezini

For paleo history lovers, it is a sight not to be missed in Amorgos. Notwithstanding, The territory isn’t generally open for visits. However, regardless of whether shut, it is still effectively noticeable from an external perspective. Arkezini is nearly toward the finish of the island toward the south and the diversion won’t take you the greater part of 60 minutes.