Plan Your Travel Better With These Travel Apps

2020 has gone in a jiffy let’s welcome 2021 with open hands and find out ways how to travel smarter with the Travel app. One can surely understand that traveling post-Covid can be quite traumatic. Before we used to ask what to see, how to see, what to do, now we have new questions, is the place covid free, does the hotel complies with all the safety guidelines, the guide is reliable enough. In the world of travel, post covid planning will play the most crucial role. 

Plan Your Travel Better With These Travel Apps

Here is a compilation of all the travel app which are there to make your life easier for travel. 

Google Maps – Travel App:

You may find it most unconventional but the Google maps can be extremely careful in your travel planning. Whether you are in the thinking about where to go and wondering it is better to go for a road trip or take any other mode of transport. Maps comes in very handy. I can drive 8hrs in a day thus can opt for road trip but it seems that destination is 15hr away so let’s take the train. Maps are super useful and handy.

Travel Buddy App: – Travel App

You want to know any local from the destination and need to check the on ground situation of the place. Travel Buddy is a social travel app which connects travelers with locals. Thus, you want to know about the weather, food, things to see from a local. This platform gives you the first hand information about the place. Thus, planning gets easier with this App. So, now you want to travel to hills and want to see snowfall, check buddies in the app and get first hand information whether snow is falling or is the restaurant worth visiting or not. Talking is always better then regretting later!

Trip Advisor – Travel App:

Another great App for planning your trip is Trip Advisor. The app has culmination of deals about hotels and activities. However, the best feature could be rating and reviews of the hotels. You will get a lot of good/bad reviews from actual travelers thus nitty gritty like weather the hotel is near the city or not can easily be confirmed with this App.

TripIt – Travel App:

We get so many mails from various travel agents, OTT platforms etc. and we may find some good deals in it. But when we actually need the mails, it got lost in the heap of mails and deals. Here TripIt comes in the picture, you can forward the mails in TripIt and it will sort out for you and crate an itinerary for you.

AirBnB Travel App:

Staying can be a huge concern when one is travelling. AirBnB helps you to plan better because not only it gives you viable option of staying, it also give you an opportunity to chat with the host, thus all your doubts regarding staying can get eliminated.

Being said so, please also be responsible while travelling!

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