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6 Reasons Why a Destination Wedding is Good Over the Traditional Wedding

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6 Reasons Why a Destination Wedding is Preferred Over the Traditional Wedding

Your wedding has to be one of the best days of your life. And you would not like to leave any stones unturned to make it special. Nowadays, the trend of the destination wedding is spreading like wildfire. 

But the question is – is the destination wedding cost more than the traditional marriage? But with the kind of hype that the destination wedding has created, it is being preferred over conventional ones. 

On that note, let’s check out the reasons why a destination wedding has the edge over traditional ones.    

Destination wedding involves less planning 

When you wish to go for a Destination Wedding in Kolkata, the only concern is choosing a nice destination. Once you do that, your travel agent books your accommodation and air tickets. The rest of the aspects are taken care of by the resort. Most of the resorts offer exclusive marriage packages that would include everything in a typical wedding. The only thing is showing up and starting to enjoy it. 

More affordable 

The destination wedding cost in India may go in lakhs with the expenses running up to lakhs every day for conducting many ceremonies. The cost of the honeymoon is not even included. If you include that, then the expense is bound to go up. But when you book a destination wedding, then everything is included in the marriage package. It means that you can continue to enjoy all ceremonies and even a honeymoon at a lower cost. To get the unbeatable wedding cost, you should compare all deals and pick the best one. 

Quality Vs Quantity

When you opt for a destination wedding, then many people may not join you, considering it will take hours to go and come back + days to stay. Even the thought of it may weed out even travel lovers. You can look at it as a blessing. It is because the people who will travel with you will be the most important ones.

You will get to enjoy your most important time with your near and dear ones. It will become one of the choicest times to cherish. On the other hand, in a conventional wedding, everyone will come, and there will be a crowd, and not everyone may like it. 

Explore new places 

When you get to explore new places, then it rejuvenates you like no other. Why don’t you start off doing that on your marriage itself? Yes, take the wedding vows at a new place you have not been before. Once your marriage is over, you can start the honeymoon there itself and explore a few places here and there.

This way, the destination wedding cost will be saved as your honeymoon will be all-inclusive. You can enjoy scuba diving, mountaineering and just relax in each other’s arms and be cozy. The experience will be worthwhile. It is compared to saving a big amount that you would have invested had you gone with the standard wedding.  

Amazing photographs to cherish for a lifetime 

Suppose you are taking the wedding vows just before the sea. Now, just imagine how beautiful the photographs will be when you look at it post marriage. You both kissing each other amidst the backdrop of gushing water and sun setting is romantic. Similarly, if you are tying the knot on a hilltop, the views will be worth cherishing even decades later.

On the other hand, when you go for the traditional wedding with a Bridal Makeup Artist, then it will come with the customary decorations and more. Hence, the pictures will look like the same as it was in your friend’s marriage that opted for a conventional wedding.

And it is one of the reasons why people have started to go for a theme wedding so that décor settings and more may look different. But that means spending an extra amount out of your pocket. And if you are marrying on a budget, then it may poke holes in your wallet.    

Amazing photographs to cherish for a lifetime

You call the shots how you want your wedding to be 

One of the biggest reasons why so many people tying the knot are going for a destination wedding is because they get to manage all the way they like it. Come on, it is your wedding, and you would not like someone else controlling how everything goes.

It is not possible in a conventional wedding as your parents, or close relatives may arrange all. On the other hand, in a destination wedding, you can customize how you want the lights, décor, your entry, food, and everything else to be. It is your wedding, and it should be done the way you like it, right? Think about it!

The reasons why destination weddings are preferred and are in trend are now discussed. 

The destination wedding cost in India will be lower if you can negotiate with the marriage planner. 

You should not forget to get the unbeatable wedding cost quote by comparing all options online and pick one that is most suitable.