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Why is a Wooden Wedding Band Gaining Prominence?

Wooden Wedding Band

Today, most couples are searching for eco-friendly and unique options in wedding bands. As a result, the wooden wedding bands are becoming a popular choice for couples. The wedding bands are made of pure wood and also other metals with a wooden inlay. 

Here are a few reasons for which wooden wedding bands are becoming popular amongst new-age couples. 

It’s affordable

Wooden wedding bands look stunning and beautiful! Hence, it’s hard to believe that it is affordably priced and perfect for people on a budget. However, there are couples who don’t want to spend much on their wedding band and yet want something which is a sign of their love. The wooden wedding bands are a great option for such people. 

It is eco-friendly

It’s essential to contribute to the environment. The wooden wedding bands are made from salvaged wood. It also gets made from wood coming from a sustainable source. Hence, wooden wedding bands are environment friendly. If you have been searching for an ethically sourced wedding band, it is the best option for you. 

It comes in unique designs

When you have a wooden wedding band, you have a distinctive jewelry piece that is your own. Instead of selecting a wedding band made from conventional materials, you have a different wooden band. It will carry subtle wood patterns that other bands won’t have. The distinctive design can also have other materials such as ceramic colors and metal inlays. 

It is hypoallergenic

Couples with a metal allergy can opt-in for wooden wedding bands. When a person has an allergy, they cannot wear a metal wedding band because of adverse skin reactions. A wooden wedding band will not result in any skin allergies or reactions. 

A hard-carved conversation piece

It’s natural for a diamond ring to steal many glances! But when it comes to a wooden wedding band, you will find people giving it ample adoration. It gets considered as a conversation piece and is not extravagant. It will make people wonder where you got it from and want to know the story behind the wedding band. To know more about it, you can check out Epic Wedding Bands

Perfect for people who work with electricity

Electricians and other people who work with the heat often fret about metal rings because of their conductive nature. It might become too hot. When you are wearing a wooden wedding band, this is never a concern. It means you don’t need to remove the ring owing to hazardous work conditions. 

Gets crafted in matched sets

When it comes to other ring materials, you have to get the same design and color. However, with wooden wedding bands, you can get the band which got made from the same tree. If you want your wedding band to be a symbol of your love, this wedding band is the ideal choice. 

Last but not least, wooden wedding bands are popular because of their engravings. You can add the engraving in the interior of the wedding band. Then, when others want you to see your wedding band, you can highlight the adorable carvings of the name initials that look stunning and interesting. These are a few of the reasons for which wooden wedding bands are becoming popular.