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Top 10 best blood, brain,lung cancer specialist in india

Top 10 Cancer Specialists in India

Cancer has been seen to be the leading cause of death regardless of the status of a country. Even in a developed country like the United States, 1 in every 2 women and 1 in every 3 men will develop cancer during their lifetime.

Since cancer is generally not diagnosed before the 2nd stage, it is crucial to choose the best cancer specialist in India that is suited to your needs. Starting from diagnosis to remission, you need only the best to guide you through your journey.

Top 10 Cancer Specialists in India

Top 10 Cancer Specialists in India

Dr. Pradeep Chowbey

Dr Pradeep belongs to a class of his own as the first Laparoscopic surgeon in India. His career is filled with pioneering groundbreaking medical firsts and he is one of the best cancer specialists in India.

He is currently Chairman at the Max Healthcare Centre and has made it a globally recognised Centre of Excellence in the field of Endosurgery.

Dr. Ashok Vaid

Dr Ashok Vaid has been practising medicine for almost 40 years and is currently working at Medanta the Medicity in Delhi. His specialisations include breast, colon, stomach, liver, brain and prostate cancer.

Dr. Ambrish Mithal

Dr Ambrish currently works at Max Hospitals as Chairman, but he used to work at Medanta as the Chairman of Endocrinology and Diabetes. He specialises in Bariatric surgery and cancer care.

Dr. PN Mohapatra

Dr PN Mohapatra is one of the best cancer specialists in Kolkata. He treats liver, brain, breast and colon cancers, to name a few.

Dr. Vinod Raina

Dr Vinod is currently at the Fortis Memorial Research Institute in Delhi and specialises in colon, stomach, liver and brain cancer.

Dr. Roopa Salwan

Dr Salwan is one of the best cancer specialists in India, and she is a senior director at the Max Speciality hospital.

Dr. Subhankar Deb

This doctor is the head of the Surgical Oncology Department at AMRI hospital in Kolkata. He mainly uses surgical methods to aid him in his cancer treatment.

Dr. Amit Agarwal

With over 25 years of experience, Dr Agarwal is at the top of his field. He is currently practising medicine at the BLK Super Speciality Hospital in Delhi and is the director there.

Dr. S M Shuaib Zaidi

Working at the Sharda Health City in Delhi, this surgeon has an in-depth knowledge of surgical oncology, making him one of the best cancer specialists in India.

Dr. Sanghavi Meghal Jayant

Employed at the Wockhardt Hospital in Mumbai, Dr Sanghavi is at the top of her field in breast cancer treatment. She specialises only in breast cancer and is also a consultant in surgical oncology.


Every patient has a specific treatment plan that is best suited to them. It depends on the age, sex, type of cancer, stage of cancer, medical history, genetic predisposition and affected organ.

All these factors go into deciding the best treatment plan, which is why, when choosing which hospital to go to, you must be just as thorough and consult a leading name like Max Hospitals.