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Top 6 Mac Problems & Fixes to Improve the Mac Performance

A Mac like any computer can be prone to serious problems. A wide range of things can go terribly wrong. From a total startup failure to any number of other kinds of glitches. That’s where the usefulness of using a mac cleaner app comes in. 

Here are some of the problems you may encounter on your Mac and some solutions to them to improve its performance. 

Mac Problems and Their Fixes: 

Generally, the problems you encounter on a Mac are fairly universal across all versions of Mac OS. They can be multiple but we will only mention 6 that you should try to solve at all costs. 

1. The Blue or Gray Screen at Startup 

At the time, when you turn on the computer and find a gray or blue screen (or it gets stuck under the Apple logo) that never loads the operating system, you worry a lot. This can happen for several reasons. So this is one of the most annoying things that can happen to a Mac. Troubleshooting is not an easy task, but we’ll try to be brief and concise. 

For this kind of problem, you just have to: Disconnect all peripherals, perform a safe start-up, then run Disk Utility

2. Full Hard Disk 

Hard drives inevitably fill up over time, and a higher capacity drive often means you’ll find more and more ways to fill it. Indeed, these days it’s possible to buy a Mac with a 1TB hard drive, but even with this storage capacity, you can quickly find yourself cramped, especially if you store a lot of media such as movies, music, and photos. The solution to this problem would be to empty the recycle bin, uninstall unused applications, delete large files, and empty application caches. 

3. The Persistent Beach Ball

The spinning beach ball won’t go away. Sometimes it is considered as a small specific problem that is easy to solve, but on the other hand, it’s part of a much bigger mess. If your Mac is constantly spinning the beach ball, it’s time to determine the exact cause. So, check the activity monitor and try to reclaim some hard drive space.

4. Kernel Panic 

If you’ve ever seen Kernel Panic, then you know how scary and totally useless it is. But when an application or software has a problem then you get the spinning beach ball mentioned in a previous section, but when several programs fail, or the operating system itself, you get Kernel Panic. Fortunately, this is (usually) not as big a problem as it seems. 

To get rid of it, you should first reboot and see if it happens again, then update the software, and finally, check the connection components. 

5. Start-up Issues 

If your Mac refuses to complete booting, it can be a disaster, especially if it happens while you’re in the middle of work. Booting problems are often related to Mac OS, but the problem can be more serious, such as the hard drive, system controller, or bad system preferences. To solve the problem, you just need to try Boot in Safe Mode and reset your Mac’s PRAM or NVRAM. 

6. Need to Rescue Files 

Data loss is the worst thing that can happen on a Mac and the consequences can be dramatic. Fortunately, there is effective Mac data recovery software that can get you out of a critical situation. This type of software will allow you to recover your deleted files on your Mac effortlessly, by following three simple steps to restore your lost data to your Mac. These steps include analyzing deleted data, previewing and recovering files from the Recycle Bin with Mac OS, and finally, selecting those files and clicking on “Recover”. It couldn’t be easier!

Final Verdict 

That’s all folks! Here are the Top 6 problems and fixes to improve mac performance. These are the only malfunctions, but they are the most common. So, if you notice where and when the problem occurs, it would be easier to get a lead. You may, therefore, check whether the problem is software or hardware related. Either way, restart your device before you become alarmed.