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Top 5 Pregnancy Tracking Android Apps in 2022

Pregnancy Tracking Android Apps

Any woman who has experienced pregnancy will tell you that it is never easy to go through it. There are so many inconveniences that pregnancy can cause, but now there are also ways that technology can help make the process easier and a little more manageable. Here are five great Android apps you can use to track your pregnancy.

1. Pregnancy +

The Pregnancy+ app is great for tracking the progress of your pregnancy over time, throughout each trimester. It’s best if you know your due date, or approximate due date, when you sign up for the app, as that will allow the app to more accurately track your pregnancy.

The app also features a calendar with tips, tricks, and daily facts about just about everything pregnancy-related. You can read about the most important things to do or avoid, and you can learn about the changes that will occur in your body during each trimester.

You can also write out a birth plan for the inevitable day of delivery, as well as keep track of appointments and other important factors, like your weight. There are even guides available to help you along the way.

2. Pregnancy Week by Week

Pregnancy week by week allows you to learn all about your body and your baby as the weeks and months of your pregnancy go by. Every week the app will tell you how your uterus is growing, as well as your baby, giving you comparative examples. You will receive daily updates about your pregnancy, each one giving you a little fact about your baby.

The app will also give you the approximate length and width of your baby, even when you are only a few weeks pregnant. It will notify you of key milestones, such as reaching each trimester and when your little one develops from embryo to foetus.

The app offers other beneficial features besides tracking, including a Braxton Hicks contractions tracker and a tracker of your own body weight during pregnancy.

3. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Ovia, like many of the other apps mentioned here, allows you to track your pregnancy, keeping you informed on how far along you are and what trimester you’re in. However, this app focuses more on your own health like expecting mother.

The app has a special conditions feature, which allows you to record any specific health conditions you may have, as well as a prenatal vitamin reminder and weight tracker, all of which can help you record your health and any changes that may occur to your body throughout your journey to give a new birth.

The app also allows you to read about a number of topics related to your pregnancy, including nutrients that are important to you and things you can do to continue enjoying yourself during your pregnancy, such as making non-alcoholic cocktails. It also allows you to read about your baby at the specific stage of your pregnancy you may be.

The app also has a health feature, which tells you about women’s health and pregnancy health based on a set of specific questions you have to answer. Of course, if you don’t feel comfortable answering certain questions, the app allows you to skip them.

Lastly, the app has a community feature, where you can talk to other moms and expecting moms. You can ask or answer questions about pregnancy and see what other women are experiencing.

4. YogiBirth

The YogiBirth app has a specific focus on practicing yoga during pregnancy. It offers a wide selection of classes that you can take for free. You can choose from balance yoga, intuition yoga, fatigue yoga and more. There are even classes that help you connect with your baby. You may even find some helpful yoga classes and tips for the weeks and months after giving birth.

In addition to yoga, the app also offers a variety of meditation classes, including ones that help with alternate nostril breathing, bee breathing, and bonding with your baby. You can even take a class that will help you keep your birth affirmations. You can also take a birth visualization class, which can help ease your worries about labor.

Lastly, the app offers a selection of educational videos covering many areas of pregnancy. You can learn about caffeine intake during pregnancy, hormonal changes, the pelvic floor, and more. There’s also a class that helps you find helpful body positions for childbirth, which can help with the labor process.

In addition to all these educational videos, you can learn about some more sensitive topics that you may have questions about, such as love during pregnancy and stretch marks. The app has some great features to help you through each quarter.


The GLOW app combines a multitude of different features that will make pregnancy much more convenient for you. Just like some of the other apps mentioned here, GLOW allows you to track your pregnancy day by day. However, it also provides a ‘Scoop of the day’ section, which allows you to read all about the exact stage of pregnancy.

The app also has a pregnancy community, where moms and expectant mothers alike can meet. You can talk about your experiences, ask for or give advice, and take a look at what other moms are going through. You can customize your community settings to show you posts from specific categories, like Moms Clubs, Health & Fitness, Entertainment, and Mental Health.

One of the best features of the app is the option to create your own baby registry. You can add products from all over the web, including Amazon, Phillips, Dove and more. You can even transfer your registration if you have an existing one elsewhere to the GLOW app.

To access additional features and more personalized settings, you can upgrade to the premium version of the app, which costs a couple of bucks a month. Alternatively, you can pay for a lifetime subscription to the app for around $40.