Top 6 Ideas to Have a Lego Themed Birthday Celebration

Top 6 Ideas to Have a Lego Themed Birthday Celebration

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Lego party is an addictively fun, time-tested, and education-building toys event for both adults and children. Because iconic bricks come in different colors, shapes, and sizes, the Lego birthday party theme works great for all genders and ages.

To help you celebrate a Lego-themed birthday party, here are some of the ideas to look at:

  1. Take Care of Invitations

It can’t make sense to throw such an event and fail to send invitations to guests. Photoshop can design your invitations or use a freeboard image to get in the Paper Trail Design app. You might go to Urban Fonts so as to download the Legothick font off there. With this font, you may create invitation cards to look similar to your Lego logo.

In addition, you may stream the tutorials on how to use Photoshop Elements. This can make the whole process simple. Alternatively, you can design invitations using 3D foam tape, a one-inch hole punch, and colored card stock.

  1. Get Ninja Pinatas

If your kids like the Lego movies and have a soft spot for Ninjago characters, they can love pinatas that come in different color options, including green, white, and black.

Usually, pinatas will come empty, so you may need to fill them with sweet treats you find suitable.

  1. Consider Lego Costumes

Being a hero is fun since it encompasses running, parkour, and jumping, though an iconic Lego costume can be interesting to wear as well. This is where marvel movies come in.

You can change your kids into the characters from your favorite movies during the party. Whether you want to be Spiderman or Captain America, dressing in costumes can make you look as one of the iconic Lego actors.

  1. Choose the Favors

Rather than pre-packing party bags, you can request guests to make their own. To make them, you can grab a few white party bags and colored papers.

With this, make Lego shapes separately with circles and rectangular pieces of colored paper in a similar color, then glue them onto bags. However, avoid gluing the circles to have a great 3D look.

  1. Prepare Drinks and Food

Drinks and dishes are an important part of all great parties. For children in a Lego event, food, which is on the theme, will be as vital as dishes that taste great.

Fortunately, Lego-themed dishes are pretty simple to achieve because they’re rectangles with circles on them. Circles and rectangles are simple to make out of almost all materials.

  1. Decide on the Games

Keeping young children entertained might be a challenging affair. However, Lego games, like racing challenges, can keep kids and adults entertained. 

When it comes to racing games, you don’t have to plan a lot. Though adults and children will be engrossed to build and rebuild their cars to determine if they go better, faster, and straighter down the ramp.

In Conclusion!

Social distancing is difficult for many kids, particularly those celebrating their birthday parties. However, you can still throw the best party for your kids with virtual playdates and birthday events.

Whether this includes Lego games, costumes, and pinatas, you have to keep your children entertained and engaged with lively discussions and fun activities as a parent.

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