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The Best Products For Pregnancy Stretch Marks

remove Stretch Marks

Pregnancy, weight gain or the latest diet: the causes behind the appearance of a new stretch mark can be different. Known as striae dermo – epidermal atrophies, these are skin lesions in which the elastic fibers in the dermis are broken. Stretch marks are real scars ; over time, the characteristic red marks become lighter in color and turn to white. The risk of this much-hated blemish occurring is higher in periods such as adolescence, when the body encounters a profound change, during pregnancy or on a diet.

Scar tissue usually replaces the elastic fibers present in the dermis in case of injury. However, unlike the epidermis, the dermis does not expand as quickly : this causes these tears to turn into the dreaded stretch marks.

How to prevent and treat the skin? Here are 10 tips not to forget on the subject of stretch marks.

10 Practical tips + buying guide

1. In pregnancy

Weight gain yes, but without exaggerating: the ideal is not to exceed ten kilos in weight.

To help skin elasticity and volume, it is important to keep the skin constantly hydrated. Therefore, go ahead with cream and oil products, even 2 or more times a day, as needed.

2. Cream or oil?

Not everyone knows that oils penetrate the skin more deeply than creams, reaching the dermis. The oil moisturizes, protects, nourishes and helps elasticity.

For an urgent treatment, mix a teaspoon of cream and one of oil. Then perform a deep massage by pinching the skin in order to promote circulation and enjoy the wonderful feeling of well-being.

3. Double effect

Belly, breasts, thighs and buttocks are the areas most affected by stretch marks along with hips and arms: take the opportunity to treat yourself to a cycle of massages, or, dedicate a moment of your beauty routine to a self-massage, your body will thank you.

Thanks to the massage can improve the ‘ absorption of creams and oils, in addition to encouraging tone and firmness of the skin helping circulation.

4. Natural elixir

What are the most exploited ingredients for the treatment of stretch marks?

First of all the oils: almond oil, one of the most used, argan, avocado, grape seed or coconut oil, highly nutritious and rich in antioxidant properties.

Thanks to the presence of unsaturated fatty acids and tocopherols l ‘ oil contributes to the repair of damaged fibers and stimulates the production of elastin.

5. Firming action

Ginseng, Kigelia africana, green tea, Centella asiatica, Echinacea angustifolia : these 5 plant extracts are often present in the recommended preparations against stretch marks. They have an anti-aging action and have a firming effect.

Remember the names of these plants … and also add them to your diet when possible.

6. The importance of vitamins

Vitamin E, the most widespread, but also A, B and C : the presence of vitamins in products for the prevention and treatment of stretch marks helps the health of the skin, because it participates in the cell replacement process by promoting tissue repair processes.

Do not forget the power of ‘ water, unable to support proper hydration, purify and detoxify, fight and fight edema retention problems.

7. Anti-aging active ingredients

L ‘ hyaluronic acid, produced naturally by the body, tends to decrease in parallel with the aging proceed. This makes the molecule (which absorbs, retains or can release water depending on the body’s needs) a precious elixir of youth .

When faced with a new product, before proceeding with the purchase, check which active ingredients are present : learning to read the label will avoid unpleasant surprises, improving the quality of what you buy.

8. Moisturizing… exfoliating

Stretch marks initially show thin red or purplish lines, a sign that the scar tissue formation process has not yet finished.

Later, over time, the stretch marks turn white and typically appear deeper.

If vitamin A and retinol are used mainly in the former, when stretch marks appear red, components such as salicylic acid and fruit acids are important for exfoliation.

Why is it essential to exfoliate to combat stretch marks?

Dead cells are eliminated, but at the same time cell renewal is supported . Thanks to the exfoliating effect, in fact, the cells become more receptive and the treatments more effective.

9. How many times?

There are spreads, shower oils, but also treatments in ampoules or emulsions.

In most cases, a fundamental rule applies: consistency. Requiring regularity and constancy is not only a good habit, but the basis of all care.

Yes, ask yourself if you really care and how much you really feel willing to pay attention to your body. It only starts when you feel truly motivated : it only takes a few minutes to make a difference… every day.

The best strategy is a multiple approach : fighting stretch marks with diet, sports, massage and body products means tackling the problem at 360 °.

10. Repair the skin

Supply correct, movement and good habits may contribute to collagen and elastin production.

For this reason, in creams against stretch marks it is possible to find ingredients such as salicylic, lactic or glycolic acid, which stimulates the synthesis of collagen fibers.

Do not forget that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, minerals and vitamins, together with the healthy principles of an active existence, can make a noticeable difference on the health of the skin.

This is an excellent reason to continue to play sports and eat what increases our well-being, combining skin treatments with self-care, starting with the lifestyle.