How to remove stretch marks from your breasts and have better breasts

We are all familiar with breast skin marks and many women experience this breast problem. In this article, we will talk about breast augmentation and ways to treat it.

Why do marks appear on the skin of the breast?

Having cracked breast skin can be embarrassing, especially during puberty. Some women also experience these marks during pregnancy and lactation. This problem can affect your self-esteem and make you feel stressed about it.

Breast augmentation is a common problem in women, but why do women experience this problem? This problem occurs when the skin is pulled. The severity of breast cracking depends on various factors such as hormone levels (cortisone levels), the severity of the effect of stress on the skin, and hereditary factors.

While some breast marks are difficult to detect, some are very noticeable.

In this section, we will mention the reasons for leaving the breast of skin:


Pregnancy is one of the main reasons for the appearance of skin cracks on the breasts and abdomen of women. About two months after pregnancy, the breasts enlarge due to an increase in female hormones and, as they tighten, prepare for breastfeeding. A sudden increase in breast size causes cracks.


For many teens, the main reason for this problem is entering puberty. Because they experience a sudden growth. Other changes during puberty include the onset of menstruation and changes in excess body hair.

Weight gain and loss

One of the main reasons for cracking is weight gain and weight loss in a short time. These lines usually appear on the legs, arms and breasts. If you are close to giving birth, be sure to control your weight gain so that it is not sudden and does not lead to skin fissures.

Other reasons

Other reasons for this problem include the following three factors:

Hereditary factors and hormonal imbalances such as Cushing’s syndrome, which cause the body to overproduce cortisol, which can lead to cracking.

Dehydration can cause the breasts to crack quickly.

Sometimes, taking birth control pills causes sudden hormonal changes in the body. If you are not pregnant and not in puberty, taking birth control pills can cause breast cracking.

How to prevent breast cracking (stretch marks)?

In general, this problem cannot be completely prevented, but there are tips that if you follow them are effective in reducing the incidence of this problem.

  1. Having the ideal weight is both good for your health and prevents cracking.
  2. Having a healthy diet. If you are deficient in nutrients such as vitamins C, D, E, zinc and protein; Your body is more prone to cracking of the breast skin.
  3. The sooner you treat skin cracks, the later you act, the later you will recover. You can use special creams during pregnancy to prevent crackizg.

How can breast cancer be treated?

One of the concerns of women is how to get rid of breast cracks. Here are some simple tips to help you get started:

Home treatment For Breast Stretch Marks


Massage increases blood flow and the production of collagen in the skin and helps to heal the skin and treat cracked breast skin. The work is very easy. Enough before going to bed; Massage your breasts in a circle for 30 seconds. You can even do this with special creams.

Hydration to the skin

Hydration of the skin is one of the most important points in maintaining healthy skin. With proper hydration to the skin, your skin will stay healthy and you will be less prone to skin lines.


Disinfect once a week and exfoliate dead cells with special peels. It also produces collagen. Use the peeler in a circular motion. Remember to use a moisturizer after exfoliating the skin.

Medical treatments

While breast augmentation can be cured with home remedies, in some cases medical, surgical and laser treatments by a dermatologist can also be used. Your doctor may prescribe these methods depending on the severity of the cracks. But in any case, the choice is yours to use home or medical methods.

Medication and topical treatments

If abdominal cracks (striae) are created in the early stages, it is pink, special creams and methods of stimulating collagen production of the skin can be used. Topical collagen-enhancing creams, retinoid creams, creams containing fruit acid compounds, and creams containing vitamin C can be somewhat effective. Retinoid creams are contraindicated during pregnancy and are recommended for pregnant women. Creams containing hyaluronic acid (a substance that is made by the inner layer of the skin from birth to old age and helps to firm the skin. In cosmetic creams, too, this substance is used).

Tretinoin, topical vitamin C and glycolic acid with different concentrations have been used for the drug treatment of striae, with relatively good results.

Non-pharmacological treatments

The best treatment for stretch marks (obesity-slimming lines) is combination therapy. Currently, the most effective treatments for striae are:

  • Microneedling
  • Laser therapy
  • Acoustic wave therapy
  • PRP
  • Chemical peeling
  • Microneedling

Microneedling is a good way to treat skin cracks. This method works by stimulating the skin to make collagen. It also removes cracks by repeatedly making needle holes in the skin.

Laser Therapy

Various lasers such as IPL, PDL, fractional CO2 or needle fractional RF have also been used to treat striae. The response to IPL and PDL lasers has yielded different results, but the needle fractional RF laser has a very good effect on striae. Fractional RF laser is performed between 3-6 sessions for the patient and at the same time the drug is used to treat the patient.

Acoustic wave therapy

One of the most effective treatments for skin cracks or striae in the abdomen, hips and buttocks is shock therapy or acoustic therapy (AWT) using the X-Wave device (manufactured by BTL UK). X-Wave treatment results in some people are so good that no laser is needed.


In addition, experts use devices called PRRs, which help improve the appearance of striae by intensifying growth factors and stimulating collagen production.

Chemical peeling

Another way to treat skin cracks is peeling or chemical peeling. You can use the most exfoliating chlorostatic to heal the cracks.

Prevention of skin cracks

Wheat germ oil: Be sure to rub this oil gently and rotating on the skin surface 1-2 times a day. Wheat germ oil contains excellent protein materials to repair damaged layers of the skin.

Vitamin C:

This vitamin is one of the most important raw materials in the body to make collagen and elastin. By consuming citrus fruits, fruits and vegetables and taking oral vitamins containing vitamin C, we can get the necessary amount of this vitamin to our body.

Ostrich oil:

This Becky oil is one of the most effective products to prevent abdominal cracks. This product contains compounds close to the body and is very suitable for skin repair. This means rubbing this oil on the skin at least once every night before going to bed.

Compounds containing hydroxy acid

which is the best and safest ingredient in this group of fresh lemon juice. It means fresh lemon juice, not some industrially produced ingredients that lose quality over time. That is, apply a few drops on the skin once a day. Vitamin E: A capsule containing vitamin E should be rubbed on the skin daily, which is very effective in preventing abdominal cracks.

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