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The 10 Best Free SEO Course Available Online

Do you want to learn SEO website promotion? In this ranking review, we present you with the best SEO course present on the Internet today. One of the authors of this blog is himself an SEO specialist with experience, so we will not advise you on SEO training that will not bring any results.

Who are optimizers?

Optimizers promote websites in organic search engine results (Google, Bing, and so on). An SEO specialist’s main task is to bring promoted keywords to the top and attract as much organic SEO traffic as possible. Competent specialists can work with their projects focused on affiliate programs or earn money from contextual advertising, or provide services to third-party customers.

What knowledge is needed?

As we have already said, the main task of SEO training in Lahoreis a set of actions, as a result of which the site occupies a leading position in terms of the requests it is interested in. Still, without a clear strategy, it will be complicated to achieve this goal. Below is a list of what everyone who has decided to promote sites must be able to do.

  • Perform technical audits; identify all technical errors that prevent the site from occupying the top;
  • Collect semantic cores;
  • Prepare technical specifications for programmers and copywriters;
  • Optimize content (texts, pictures, etc.) and meta tags (title, description);
  • Be able to optimize other areas of the document to set additional relevance (anchors of outgoing links, template elements, end-to-end menu zones);
  • To be able to perform a necessary usability audit (ease of perception of the site by visitors);
  • Have an understanding of what commercial factors are and how to implement them;
  • Be well versed in analytics systems (Google Analytics).
  • Be aware of popular and modern search engine filters and understand how search ranks this or that type of site.
  • Have an analytical mindset to find new ways to achieve the set task in a constantly changing market.

Who will benefit from the lessons?

  1. If you are a business owner, it would be nice for you to study the whole process for intelligent control of contractors, or if you have your SEO department in your company, then interact with them.
  2. Suppose you are a student who chooses a future profession and wants to work in the IT industry. In this case, after completing the training and receiving the base, you will only have to look for projects to gain experience or create your sites and make money on them.
  3. Suppose you are already working in any other field and want to change your profession. By the way, this was the case with one of the authors of this blog, who worked in the hotel business and eventually quit and went as an SEO assistant to one of the SEO firms.

Knowledge of the principles of website promotion opens up genuinely endless opportunities for you. Besides, while making your information or commercial project, you can work from anywhere in the world.

TOP SEO Course

There are many SEO course in Lahore, and the first task of the student is to find the one taught by professional practitioners. Long-term experience and real achievements are obligatory for them. The accessible presentation of material, constant contact with a mentor, and the final result level are also important.

A course for beginners, where they promise is to teach professional website promotion. Managers and business owners will master the intricacies of Internet marketing and more adequately evaluate employees and contractors.

What skills are going to be taught?

  • Form the structure of the site, collect the semantic core.
  • Conduct a technical audit.
  • Work with webmaster tools, analytics systems.
  • Program at a basic level (Html layout).
  • Build your link mass.
  • Recognize and apply search engine ranking factors.
  • Optimize the content part.
  • A comprehensive approach to the project.
  • Deal with behavioral factors.

The SEO course at people who want to master is website promotion from scratch. Here they teach how to customize pages for search engines’ peculiarities, form a semantic core, analyze competitors, identify and fix technical problems.

What we offer:

  • Lessons from practicing SEO specialists with about five years of experience.
  • Mentors from among the best students in the course. They needed to help with difficult questions and tasks.
  • Practice (homework) after each lesson.
  • Free access to presentations, manuals, records of all classes.
  • An internship in a project format. They even promise the opportunity to get a job in these companies.

Best SEO Training

The course is suitable for beginners to master the profession from scratch to an advanced level. Beginners will be taught the collection of target semantics, search engines’ intricacies, content optimization, and the technical part of the site.

SEO Course

Internet marketers will be able to more competently select contractors, set tasks, and monitor work progress. They will learn how to predict and evaluate search engine promotion, increase conversion for each page using usability theory and usability audit.

Business owners promised a better understanding of SEO mechanisms. They will thoroughly understand the candidates, increase sales revenue, and develop a promotion strategy more actively.

What are they going to teach?

  • Project planning and analytics.
  • Working with promotion tools in Google.
  • Optimization of content, page layouts, headers, Meta tags.
  • Competent selection of keywords and phrases.
  • Conducting a technical audit, checking the usability of sites.
  • Competitor analysis.

Here, beginners taught how to optimize sites, work with webmaster tools, and convenient and effective promotion algorithms. SEO specialists improve their skills in technical audit, analytics, semantics, link building. Marketers and business owners told about the peculiarities of search engines, factors essential for traffic, and monitoring contractors’ methods.

What skills guaranteed?

  • Ownership of Google Analytics.
  • Website optimization.
  • Traffic increase in any topic.
  • Comprehensive audit.
  • Correcting errors on your site.
  • Ability to work with the peculiarities of search engines.

Internet Marketing Courses

In these classes, they teach to bring sites to the first positions in Google. The course is designed for freelancers, digital marketing agency employees, leaders, and Internet business owners.

Here they promise to teach:

  • Selection of the semantic core.
  • Optimized content development.
  • Working out page ranking factors.
  • Page indexing management.
  • Maintaining the site’s position in the search results.
  • Investing your budget in increasing traffic and leads

Upon completion of the course, a certificate issued. Teachers here sometimes cannot answer the audience’s questions; they distracted by non-thematic conversations and reflections. It happens that lecturers sometimes confused about their subject.The professionalism of the teaching staff is questionable; the quality of knowledge is doubtful.

Where can you study for free?

The main disadvantage of all learn SEO course in Lahore is that very few people will give structured content for free and check your assignments everywhere you have to pay. However, if your finances are tight, below are links to sites, YouTube channels, and telegram channels from the leading SEO specialists. Having studied these publics and sites, you will gain a lot of practical information: