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10 Principles of Successful Marketing on Instagram

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Wouldn’t it be great if there was a clear and simple formula for successful marketing on Instagram? Well, Instagram isn’t the only way to succeed, but there are a few principles that can lead to better followers, more leads, and a higher conversion rate. Use these 10 principles of successful marketing on Instagram to guide your next campaign.

1. Reliable bio

Your bio is more than just your company name, username, and website URL. It is about giving a clear picture of your business with one profile photo and less than 150 characters of explanation.

Make your biography clear, concise, and compelling. Everyone is looking for Instagram Captions. Choose a strong profile image that embodies your brand and makes it feel authentic and human. Use the call to action to encourage users to click on your link and change this link frequently so that they can direct traffic to the right pages.

2. Clearly defined audience

Regardless of your market or products, you need to know your audience. The most amazing Instagram content in the world will not be useful if it is not carefully selected for your audience. Most likely, you have already met your audience, and this is a good principle for determining it. You can also try:

  • By analyzing your ideas on Instagram, you will learn more about audience demographics.
  • Use a “social listening tool” to tell you what consumers are saying about your brand.
  • Chat with your audience to find out what else can be improved.
  • Monitor the trends of your current audience to create new marketing strategies.

3. Measurable goals

A good strategy begins with clearly defined goals that you can measure and track throughout your campaign. Not a single Instagram campaign is complete without them.

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“Remember that good goal are concrete, measurable, realistic, achievable, and have a deadline,” says Deep Patel, founder of Owlmetrics. “You may have to make several mini-goals leading to a higher goal.” When you keep track of your goals and celebrate your successes, you will maintain a motivation that will guide you through a successful marketing campaign.

4. Tracking analytics

Once you have formulated your goals, the best way to measure them is with analytics tools. You can start with Instagram Insights (note, this is an analytics tool), a built-in free tool that measures numbers and ratings related to your audience, subscriber ratings, posts, and more.

You might also want to invest in an external Instagram analytics tracking tool that offers even more ideas and ideas to help you succeed. Instagram Insights is a great starting point, but it is limited in the amount of information you can track. A good analytical tool will provide you with more detailed information.

5. Permanent topic

The often overlooked principle of good marketing on Instagram is the use of a well-defined topic in your profile. The theme gives your page a holistic look, so when users see your images, they know that it’s you.

A theme can be obtained using similar colors in your images, a consistent filter for your photos, unique camera angles, or a specific theme. All of this is part of strong branding, so you can create followers and draw more attention to your marketing campaigns.

6. Consistent publication

Set a consistent publication schedule so that your followers do not have spam in their news feeds. The general advice is to publish at least once a day in the news feed, and several times a day in the stories feed. If you need to, plan these posts in advance so you don’t miss the day of publication.

Do not publish “just for publication.” If you have nothing to say, you should not post anything. It’s better to post three times a week with the highest quality content than every day with mediocre content.

7. Growing Followers

Very few marketing campaigns are successful with a small subscriber base. Your first goal should be 1000 followers, then 5000, then 10000 and beyond. Once you reach 10,000 followers, you will automatically be considered a trusted genuine brand on Instagram, which is a huge milestone for your ad!

The growth of subscribers is something that is natural for you when you use tactics such as constant posting of messages and high-quality content for the audience. It takes time and dedication, but your followers will continue to grow if you are consistent and add value to each post.

8. Rule 80/20

Instagram is a platform for forming connections. Consumers love to follow brands, but only if they feel they are benefiting each other. They don’t like being annoyed by too many advertisements in the feed or advertising posts in the community.

Therefore, follow the 80/20 rule with advertising in your Instagram posts. Only 20 percent of your posts should be promotional, while the remaining 80 are dedicated to building your brand, making connections, providing value to your audience, and being yourself.

9. Daily Stories

Instagram Stories receives over 500,000 visitors every day, many of whom log in more than once to see stories from their friends and favorite brands. This is a great place to share tips, valuable content and promotions for your products or services. (note: I advise you to look at the reaction of subscribers, the amount of viewing stories, and develop an individual framework for this posting).

10. Strong hashtags

Hashtags make your posts searchable. This is one of the best tools to grow your audience and create a single content template. You will need a combination of trending and branded hashtags to keep your profile up to date and competitive.

Start with trending hashtags. These are hashtags in your industry that have already gained popularity. You can use this popularity to attract consumers to your publication by sharing new launches on related content that will catch their attention.

Branded hashtags are also useful, especially if you’re looking for custom content. These simple hashtags show loyal followers to help you maintain leadership and grow your business steadily.