10 Best Social Media Marketing Campaigns of 2020

Social media is recognized in a concert of the foremost powerful game-changer once it involves stigmatization and promoting for businesses.

Social media promoting presents an over plus of opportunities to effectively connect with audiences and offers sensible ways in which to optimise stigmatisation, lead generation, conversions, sales, and far a lot of.

A well-planned social media campaign helps brands produce awareness, build a community, and drives sales. Since social media is an important side of selling within the digital era, it’s a lot of necessary than ever to grasp what works and the way to ace a social media strategy.

As you’re most likely group action social media campaign ideas earlier than 2020, here are twenty champion social media campaign ideas to induce your inventive juices flowing.

Building top campaigns

1. Produce Weekly Themed Content

Brands use the #MondayMotivation or #ThrowbackThursday hashtags to appear among trending content and bring consistency in their posting schedule.

The only thanks to imagining a social media campaign is to form weekly theme-based campaigns, wherever you’ll introduce a hashtag or theme that’s distinctive to your whole.

Considering the Brobdingnagian amount of content created by B2B firms, this campaign plan helps you disunite the content distribution method.

2. Encourage User-Generated Content

User-generated content evokes your community to form and share content concerning your whole. The content can be within a variety of photos or videos.

Brands will produce user-generated content campaigns around events like product launches, conferences, or festivals or build it associate in progress activity to stay the content rolling in.

3. produce an issue, a.k.a. Virality

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is one of the foremost celebrated campaigns of 2014. the aim was to push awareness for the amyotrophic lateral induration (ALS) or Lou Gehrig’s illness and lift donations for its analysis.

The campaign needed the participant to record a video of merchandising associate ice bucket over their head and post it on social media.

The campaign unfolds like an inferno as a result of the participant may nominate others to participate in the challenge, and it worked! The 2014 campaign raised $115 million, with 2.4 million videos uploads on Facebook.

4. Use Instagram searching

Instagram searching allows brands that sell physical merchandise to tag them in their Instagram posts and stories.

Once sound on the merchandise tag, users are redirected to a website (usually the brand’s official website) to finish the acquisition.

Brands got to get their store approved by Facebook and publish their inventory on Facebook. The feature is presently obtainable in 40+ countries and North American countries, France, Germany.

5. Style a Snapchat Geofilter or Lens

Snapchat Geofilters are just like normal Filters – they’ll be used as an associate overlay on high photos or videos clicked within the app.

The distinction is Geofilters ar premium, on-demand filters and may be used solely at a particular location.

The evaluation of the Geofilter depends on the realm of the placement and period of the campaign. Like Geofilters, brands may also produce sponsored Lenses.

6. Produce a Facebook courier Chatbot

The rise of informal A.I. and courier apps have proven to be the right chance for Facebook to introduce chatbots.

Chatbots will assist you in automatizing content delivery, order/appointment booking and confirmation, delivery chase, and personalization of the expertise.

7. Use Spotify for promoting

When talking concerning social media promoting, Spotify doesn’t typically seem on a marketer’s measuring system. However, it’s an incomprehensible chance if you don’t make the most of the 217 million monthly active users.

Brands with brick and mortar shops are already utilizing Spotify by making custom playlists for their retail stores. However, Spotify offers way more than simply custom playlists.

8. Host Instagram Contests or Giveaways With Influencers

Instagram could be a potent platform to execute influencer promoting campaigns. Brands interact with influencers to bank on the influencers’ followings.

Hosting contests or giveaways through an associate influencer is an efficient thanks to building a community.

Pairing contests or giveaways with influencer promoting works as a result of the chance of obtaining associate incentive acts as an incentive.

9. Run a Social Media Account Takeover

A social media takeover is reasonably a toned-down approach to influencer promoting wherever a third-party person manages your social media accounts for a stipulated period. Social media account takeovers work well for each – B2B and B2C brands.

Selecting the correct individual to manage your social media accounts is crucial as a result of the tip result depends on the influencer’s content creation capability.

Note that you just don’t get to on-board influencers for takeovers. Individuals among your business, which will provide different views, may also become a locality of it.

10. Collaborate With a whole

Co-branding initiatives modify partnering brands to faucet into a colossal audience pool. Whole collaborations ar economical because the joint force of collaborating brands makes it straightforward to realize a standard objective.


With such a large amount of areas of promoting and digital marketing, there is an enormous number of changes across the industry that you just must maintain with.

This can be why we’re keeping track of all the large digital marketing trends for 2020 across various channels to stay you recently and before the curve.

You can also get in touch with a growth hacking agency that can help you in planning social media marketing campaigns.

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