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How much can explainer video cost in 2021?

explainer video cost in 2021

When it comes to choosing the tool of interacting with the audience regarding a launched new product, delivering tutorials, presenting special proposal or discount, establishing a relationship with prospects, or rising the brand equity marketers and businesses runners want to employ explainer animated video which popularity and efficiency have been acknowledged

And then, it all comes to the budget.  Small businesses, as well as nonprofits, consider their costs diligently

So, respectively, the essential question is How much will it take?

Generally, it is pretty complicated for a project manager or marketer to persuade a CEO that such a tool will pay back.

It is also hard to explain where actually the money is going, as the final product is just a 30-120 seconds video. And it is definitely not an economic asset which value can be computed. Yet, the very explainer video cost is a transparent thing and we are going to discover the way it forms.

But, at the same time, the very brand, its trustworthy, the level of brand awareness also are the things difficult to measure and economically assess. Yet, nobody doubts the importance of these things.

We are presenting you three groups which all the production studios generally fall into.

Unbearably Expensive ones

Such studios’ base rate is something in the region of $20,000-30,000.  These are animators of Pixar level or the ones who imitate being on the level.

The result will be impressive but it is worth dealing with if your business is large or medium-size and it brings a respectively big money turnover.

Questionably Low Budget

They can do something for you just for a hundred or so dollars. You might be wondering how on Earth can it be.

The way it works is simple — they simply do not create something new for you. They use samples! They employ the same script again and again changing nothing or replacing elements, or doing a little change. They use the same drawings and the ready typical animating constructions.

In any case, after all, you will get the video!

Reasonable middle ground

The reasonable middle between the two mentioned variants tends to be near $3,000 to $6,000 for a minute. For the money, you pay you will get the innovative individual script, great voicing, creative and unique product which you will definitely not be ashamed to present via any channel and for any audience.

Animation costs

This is a comprehensive list of the parameters determining the explaining video cost

Length — the longer video needs more illustrations and hours of the animator work respectively

Terms – the quicker you want your video to be created, the more resources need to be employed.

Consider that the average production takes near four weeks.

Complexity – there are plenty of different methods and techniques we can use in production. Some of them are easier to do, some demand much more time, attention, and skills. So, if you, for example, like Stop Motion or 3D, then take into consideration that they cost more.

General Quantity – there are discounts in case you order several products.

The Production Cycle

So, the whole production cycle which you are paying for includes:

  • Working out a script that will allow disclosing the main ideas of your brand, new product, or reach whatsoever the task is.
  • Packing the messages into decent phrases and enhance them by the visual effects
  • Working out fabulous characters
  • Recording voice over
  • Distilling all the things
  • Animating characters and other visual elements
  • Making sure that it all acts as a hook and provokes action which you expect your viewers to do.
  • Meticulous edition and double-check of each second of the product to make the video superb
  • Rendering and submitting.

And the higher level of creativeness and artistry you wish — the more time and affords it takes all the production team to contribute to your video. Hence, the animation cost will rise.

To match your expectations, almost all the peculiarities need to be spoken over.

For more details, you can visit our page

You can show us a tentative list linking to the video you like. And we can show the list of the projects we created so that you can pick up the style and techniques you like. That will help us to get a clear vision of your expectations.