Top 10 Anti-Spam Plugins For WordPress

Spamming is a harmful practice that refers to unsolicited bulk email – which is neither personal and not requested by the recipient. The anti-spam system refers to the selective rejection of messages which are both bulk and unsolicited. Such an anti-spam system allows messages pubfilm of the nature of personal relevance and also requested to be passed and blocks those which are spam. Most of the websites today include an anti-spam solution. For a WordPress website, many anti-spam plugins exist which can be conveniently added to the website design. In this article, we discuss the top 10 anti-spam plugins for WordPress websites.


The plugin proves versatile in protecting the blog from spam and spambots. It has additional form fields in the comment form. No Spam NX creates such function without the use of any javascript, cookies or sessions. It does not change the comment field and has compatibility with other plugins in WordPress. It has an easy installation and setup. It is available in a few other languages than English.


This free plugin is made for anti-spam protection and while it does so it is different in that it uses image identification. Thus it is an antispam solution that is perfect for WordPress by including comment and registration.


The plugin is another anti-spam plugin that can protect the website by imposing a limit on the length of comments left in the comment form. This is made possible from character countdown for the user and dynamic updation from each keypress.

Spammer Blocker

The plugin acts as an antispam by blocking all users who had commented already and was marked as spam. The features for the spammer blocker are numerous and widely used as a plugin for protection – contact forms, configuring banned messages, automatic removing, advanced tools for using a banned IP address.


Plugin for Buddypress Recaptcha allows the WordPress website to get protected from Spam registrations. This is done from using the Google Recaptcha services module from the template page ‘register.php’.


Plugin for website protection from spam is a website monitor that can inform the owner if there is anything wrong with the site mocospace login. It has a free sign up, no installations, instant protection, marketing campaigns, and eCommerce protection also.


The plugin acts as an anti automated spambot. The control panel needs only to add a few words to the ban list while the system prevents users from breaking the rules of posting again. Anti- artificial spams can be created while the option for deleting own options is new.


The plugin acts as a unique and anti-spam solution for the WordPress website. It is a free plugin and does not need text typing. The plugin features make it all the more attractive – supporting trackbacks and pingbacks. It supports both Flash and HTML5.


A plugin that gathers all essential requirements for developing a security solution. It stops all the spam and brute-force attacks. It generally uses intelligent automagic IP. Various features are all within the spam solution – visual confirmation, IP filtering, cross-linking, pluggable.


The plugin is a security solution against spam. It can easily block spammers before any content is served. Spammers can be blocked and the IP Caching system is also provided. Benefits to the site from the plugin are – saves bandwidth, saves CPU cycles, and keeps track of the total number of visitors.

Conclusion: WordPress websites need to protect themselves from spam, major attacks on sites, and other harmful occurrences. There are a lot of plugins which protect from spam. In this article, we have discussed the top 10 anti-spam plugins for the WordPress website. Readers are invited to submit their comments and views.

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