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Top 10 New Programming Languages in 2022 to Learn

New Programming Languages

Programming languages are the communication tool that used to initiate computers to perform indicated tasks. Every language uses a special coding syntax to build programs to perform indicated tasks. Software programming is a great career option for young professionals in the IT sphere. It is quite a profitable niche for IT specialists these days.

Shortly, it is expected that we will get even more programmers. Besides, there are many different programming languages explained at to choose from. The most popular coding languages to learn to include the following 10 programming languages. If you want to try your luck in programming, you can select any of the top programming languages to learn. Check the following list of the top programming languages to choose from.

Top 10 Programming Languages of the Future

New Programming Languages

The new programming languages offer advanced possibilities for programmers. They allow the creation of more advanced software. Check the following list of the most popular programming languages to learn more about up-to-date programming.


Python is one of the top languages that called the future of programming. According to the latest statistics, the Python language is the main choice of over 80% of modern developers. The all-encompassing vocabulary in Python enables data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. This is the most used coding language. Its frameworks support a huge number of applications. The language is easy to learn and code. It widely used by companies like Facebook, Intel, Netflix, and others.


Java is definitely the most powerful coding language. It is used in over 3 billion modern devices. This is an exceptionally trending tool that is widely used in mobile apps, desktop apps, cloud apps, web development, etc. This is probably the main language you should learn to gain great career opportunities. It ensures decent security, performance, and productivity. Amazon, Adobe, and Instagram work on Java.


This is one of the well-known modern coding languages. On the client-side of the web pages over 95% of modern websites built with JavaScript. The language is popular for its well-arranged codebase, platform independence, and input authentication features. Google, PayPal, and Microsoft use JavaScript language.


This is a well-known cross-platform coding language. It specifically designed to develop applications. The language offers numerous advanced features for developers. It includes structural concurrency, concise code, and advanced security features. Such companies as Trello, Pinterest, and Uber use the language.


R is the modern coding language for graphical and statistical programming. Mostly, statisticians and data analysts use the language. This object-oriented coding language has impressive libraries for interactive graphics. LinkedIn and Flipkart use R in their work. The language is popular among the specialists of financial institutions. It allows supporting cross-platform operations.


PHP is the scripting language that gathers more users every year. It can be easily embedded with HTML to improve the functionality of web pages. This is an advanced scripting language with better speed than other familiar languages. One of its key benefits is the ability to withstand and prevent various attacks and threats. Such websites as Wikipedia and Yahoo run on PHP.


Go is named one of the most efficient and reliable coding languages. It created to manage Google infrastructure. These days, it is one of the top programming languages. It is simple to understand and learn. It also supports automation processes and enables data science and artificial intelligence.


C is the coding language specially designed to work with graphics, games, and enterprise applications. It has inbuilt operators and advanced functions. Also, it offered advanced efficiency and speed. Telegram, GitHub, and MasterCard use the language.


Swift is a special coding language created by Apple Inc. This robust language is used for creating apps for iOS, macOS, and watchOS. This programming language offers advanced performance, speeds development processes greatly, and supports dynamic libraries.


C# is a modern well-designed programming language. The .NET framework is run by C# coding language. Microsoft specifically created the language in 2000. It is mostly used for games and desktop applications development. Such companies as Alibaba Travels, Accenture, and Overflow use the C# language.


Among the most popular programming languages, you can always find the one that can be the most useful for you. If you dream about an impressive career in programming, finding the most efficient coding language is crucial. You can check the list of the useful programming languages presented above to make your final choice. Be sure, that a programming career can be very beneficial and highly profitable.