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Three Types of Traffic Violations

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Types of Traffic Violations

In Colorado, the traffic attorneys are always ready to represent citizens who have been caught committing traffic violations. Traffic officers in Denver, Colorado, hand out traffic violations for several traffic offenses.

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Generally, traffic violations are classified into two subdivisions: traffic infractions and traffic offenses. Traffic infractions do not have heavy charges or similar implications; they only incur fines. Whereas traffic offenses can earn you a jail term.

Classifications of Traffic Violations

1.Traffic Infractions

Traffic infractions are viewed as minor violations and evoke a fine and points to your DMV status. Traffic infractions are further categorized as class A and Class B. Both categories will incur a fine of $15 to $100.

  • Class A traffic infractions are more serious than Class B traffic infractions. They are more serious because they can land you a suspension of your driving license and privileges. When you are caught with a Class a traffic infraction, a fine will be assessed to you. In addition, you will also receive permanent violation points to your DMV records. These points will determine whether you receive a license suspension or not. If you fail to pay your fines, you will also earn a court visit to pay the fine with additional interest.
  • Class B infractions on the other hand, simply give you a fine. You may receive points to your driving record. Just like with Class A infractions, you should pay the tickets in time to avoid further repercussions.

2.Traffic Offenses

Traffic offenses are considered misdemeanor crimes. They carry higher court fines and more points to your driving record. Such cases are handled in court, meaning that you cannot escape by simply being handed out a ticket.

At this juncture, you should look to appoint a lawyer. You can decide to either hire a private or public traffic attorney. The procedure for hiring a public attorney must include clear proof that your financial status is low. The fee for a public advocate will be included in the fine that you get but it is rather low compared to hiring a private attorney.

Traffic offenses include driving under the influence (DUI), speeding 25 mph and higher over the speed limit, reckless driving and many more. There are two subdivisions of traffic crimes in Denver, which are, Class 1 and Class 2 traffic offenses.

  • Class 1 traffic offenses are the more serious traffic misdemeanor violations. This type of conviction will earn you a jail term of up to 18 months or a fine up to $1,000. You can also serve in community service for a given time period, depending on the type of traffic crime undertaken. Class 1 traffic crimes include driving under influence of drugs and driving using a suspended driving license.
  • Class 2 traffic misdemeanors are less serious. They carry an average jail term verdict of up to 90 days or a fine up to $300. Some class 2 misdemeanors may impose a longer jail term or higher fines.

3.Traffic Felonies Classification

This is considered the most serious traffic violation in Colorado. Such felonies can include fleeing the scene of an accident, refusing to give way to the fire department and avoiding traffic officers’ directives.

The Different Types of Traffic Violations

Generally, traffic violations can be seen as either moving or non-moving violations. Moving violations involve all types of traffic violations whereas the vehicle was in motion during a moving violation. Non-moving violations are those traffic violations that occur when a car is halted.