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Home » Pamper Yourself With Luxury: The Best Luxury Hotels In India

Pamper Yourself With Luxury: The Best Luxury Hotels In India

Best Luxury Hotels In India

India was once the land of kings and queens. From palatial palaces to gorgeous monuments, marked the royalty of India. Over the years, even though India has become more modernized, there are still some luxurious experiences that will remind you of the royal days. Just imagine soaking in a marble bathtub with bath bombs and scented candles, or dining on a beach with candlelights, or taking a dip in your private pool! All of these are not some farfetched fantasies, and you can easily avail them of your luxury tour packages in India.

The luxury tour packages in India not only curate for you the best of the best experiences but also provide some of the most amazing hotels and heritage stays that will make you feel like a royal.

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Here are a few hotels in India that you must visit if you appreciate the finer things in life.

Planet Hollywood Beach Resort, Goa

When in Goa, revel yourself in some luxuries by staying at the Planet Hollywood Beach Resort. This luxurious resort should be a part of your luxury tour packages in India.

This resort is not only marvelous in its design and comfort that it offers, but also has a private beach, where you can indulge in a candlelit dinner. Crafted with all the finer things in life, the Planet Hollywood Beach Resort is like walking into a dream world and resting in heaven!

Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay, Mamallapuram

Mamallapuram is a temple town located in Tamil Nadu and is known for its UNESCO World Heritage Site- The Shore Temple. Thus, it is no surprise that this little town is popular among tourists and is also filled with hotels that will give you goosebumps.

If you want to wander off into this town in a royal way, then you must stay at the regal

Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay, to understand what extent of luxuries that you can indulge in. This stunning hotel is built on a 44-acre land, and is resplendent with well-landscaped gardens, a 2500 m swimming pool, and an infinity pool as well!

The rooms will remind you of an old European chalet that opens up to a world of possibilities and comforts.

Come here for waterside dining, zorbing, wellness workshops, or just to relax- Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay, should be a part of your luxury tour package in India.

Amanbagh Resort, Alwar

If you want to experience true luxury living while on your trip to India, then get ready to stay like the Kings and Queens. The Amanbagh Resort in Alwar is a hotel fit for the royals. This beautiful resort was once the Maharajah of Alwar’s garden.

Wrapped up in royalty, and luxuries, the architecture of the resort is an ode to the Mughal era- with huge gardens, high-ceiling suites, trees from all over the world, private terraces, and an aromatic fragrance that swirls in the air at all times. You will feel as if you have gone back in time, into the era of royalty, when you stay at this hotel.

Jawai Leopard Camp, Udaipur

Why settle for less, when you can have both fun and a relaxing stay at the same time? Located amid nature, the Jawai Leopard Camp in Udaipur is a unique luxury experience like no other. This camp is laden with regal Swiss cottages, little jacuzzis, and a whole lot of greenery. It is like living in the wild while enjoying the finer things in life.

If you are looking for fascinating luxury tour packages in India, then the Jawai Leopard Camp is your calling. Except for leopard sightings, this jungle lodge also provides several other thrilling activities, that you must check out for an amazing and memorable experience.

Oberoi Rajvilas, Jaipur

If you haven’t stayed at the Oberoi Rajvilas in Jaipur, then you haven’t experienced the best of the best. The grandeur hotel is a reflection of the authentic Rajasthani culture. Staying here is like staying in the forgone royal palace of the Maharaja of Rajasthan.

The Oberoi Rajvilas is complete with a fine dining restaurant, suites that will make you gasp, huge gardens, marble bathtubs, private swimming pools and so much more. The list just goes on and on. The hotel is for anyone who likes to bathe in comfort and loves living the high life. It is a heritage hotel that should be on your bucket list when you are in India.

India has many more such gorgeous hotels that will not only pamper you but also bless you with some wonderful sights. These hotels are so stunning, that you will not feel like leaving your room! So, if you want to experience a truly royal vacation in your luxury tour packages in India, then, don’t forget to include these mesmerizing hotels.