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List of 10 Great Hotel Marketing Ideas in 2022

Hotel Marketing Ideas

When you visit each other as guests, will you choose your hotel? Customers today want a personal experience. Use customer data to develop successful hotel marketing concepts to attract more website traffic and increase bookings.

1. Execute unique hotel marketing ideas for your clients

Hotel guests need more than just a night bed, It is when you start exploring hotel marketing ideas and strategies for your hotel.

Create events through customer surveys and feedback to improve the customer experience. To make your hotel stand out from the competition, for example, consider using experiential marketing to create events.

  • Treasure hunt in the hotel.
  • Taste homemade wine or beer.
  • Handicraft class for the spouse of the participant.
  • Happy hour with a family with milk with cookies.

2. Provide a destination, not a room

The hotel marketing philosophy that focuses on the destination has a positive impact on customer experience. Deloitte reports: “Destination events provide hotels with the opportunity to provide a unique guest experience and generate additional revenue.

Analyze customer data first to determine their most likely destination activities. According to travel information companies Boxever and Skift, then design an ad campaign that will sell more than 50% of travelers without considering a fixed destination when planning a trip.

3. Carry out theme activities related to local activities

Guests hope that the hotel will inform local events in time. Exceed these expectations by sharing what happened in the community and bringing the fun back to your hotel. However, please follow the theme that suits your brand to avoid confusion.

Hotel Marketing Ideas
  • Please check with your local tourist office about the plan.
  • Design hotel activities combined with local activities.
  • Produce hotel digital marketing campaigns to promote local connections.

4. Customize your hotel loyalty program

Ready to add more members to your list of brand ambassadors? How about those one-time bookings with guests who may no longer be in your area? By reviewing your client profile, you can tailor your message to a personalized audience.

Start by identifying the reasons why various guests book a room at your hotel. Your business-to-business marketing campaign in the hotel industry is different from one that targets families on vacation. Next, think about what makes your loyalty program appealing and personalize your communications.

According to the Oracle IT company, “61% of customers think that an experience-based loyalty program rather than points-based rewards would be attractive”. To do this, offer personalized member benefits.

5. Make a difference: use video on drones

There are many reasons why customers choose hotels, but most of the time, your sales aren’t limited to hotel rooms. You sell communities. The new trend in hotel marketing is to use drone video.

The video drone captures unique angles. During the editing process, you add a title to indicate the location of the conference center or the location of the best seafood restaurant. Depending on your clientele, you can also highlight:

  • The most popular hiking or biking trail
  • Local museum
  • Business district

6. Listen to your customer service team

Is your customer service team answering the same questions or noticing something that suggests customers are confused or expecting different things? This type of feedback provides you with data that you can process and enter into all hotel marketing activities.

7. Useful in discussion forums

Even if you can’t see it, people will ask you about your hotel and area. Cultivate relationships by sharing your expert knowledge and answering their questions. Find popular websites and provide helpful answers.

Good places to start hotel internet marketing include:

8.develop a strategy for customer opinions

According to TripAdvisor, 83% of travel site users “usually or always refer to reviews before deciding to book a hotel.” Ads provide potential customers with the social proof they need to make a decision.

Additionally, reviews improve the search engine performance of your website. This factor is crucial, because “91% of travelers turn to search engines to find accommodation,” according to customer feedback platform TrustYou.

The two biggest mistakes hoteliers make are:

  1. Don’t react to criticism.
  2. Don’t ask for advice.

Develop a hotel marketing plan that prioritizes feedback collection and communication. It will strengthen your online presence and increase your social credibility.

9. Improve your hotel marketing strategy

To understand how to best serve customers, combine information from the customer service team, social media accounts, comments, and forums. Use this data to develop content marketing strategies implemented by a top-notch SEO services agency to increase the number of bookings.

  • Add pages with frequently asked questions to your website.
  • Add video or interactive content so your customers can see your destination.
  • Create a personalized digital guide for any type of visitor.

10. Follow up and ask for proof

Verification on third-party sites is essential. However, if you can also use recommendations in your hotel’s digital marketing channels, that’s useful.

Ask if you can share their recommendations or offers on your website and other marketing materials. People aren’t averse to providing social proof, but they may need a little help.