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14 Best Places to Visit in India

14 Best Places to Visit in India

Lively, intense and luxuriant, this stimulating multi-faceted country is where you need to go. If you want to connect with your sensory perceptions to the fullest. Here you will find a list of the 14 best places to visit in India. In which we have indicated the best time to visit them based on climatic conditions, local cultural events, cost, and seasonality.

14 Best Places to Visit in India

14 Best Places to Visit in India
14 Best Places to Visit in India

Bangalore (Bengaluru)

Now that the San Francisco myth has gone, it’s time for Bangalore to shine. The city, home of a technological boom, is teeming with IT entrepreneurs. Investor financing is probably the foundation of endless shopping opportunities such as the rampant Brigade Road and the luxurious UB City shopping center. There is also a vast panorama of places to eat and bars: craft beer is the real protagonist and the Mavalli Tiffin Rooms are an old-fashioned wonder.
Traffic is as dense as pollution and new buildings pop up like mushrooms, but if you head towards the city center you will find perfectly preserved colonial-era buildings, the Bangalore Palace inspired by Windsor Castle and patches of greenery like the Cubbon Park. This is the first place to visit from 14 best places to visit in India.

When to go to Bangalore: September to February


Delhi, the governmental and cultural center of India, is a vast and ancient district, so busy that you will have to nudge your way. It is hot in summer and cold in winter, but at least its completely flat topography will facilitate you as you make your way through the crowded streets eating golgappas and chaat papdi (local donuts and fried stuffed bread).

However, take the metro if you can. Order a cocktail at the Imperial Hotel. Stroll through the old bazaar of the old city. Go to the Red Fort to admire the Mughal architecture and then enjoy a break in the meditation area in the peaceful lotus-shaped Bahai temple.

When to go to Delhi: from October to November


Torrid and known for its traffic, the charm of Chennai takes a while to reveal itself. Vivid and colorful, it overflows with artistic wonders and brightly colored temples.

Find your way to the colonial heart of George Town and explore St George’s Fort, built by the British East India Company. And its dilapidated ancient surroundings. For a moment of peace, walk to the nearby gopurams, ancient temple towers that overshadow the Empire State Building.

When to go to Chennai: from December to March


The historic center of Hyderabad is the true essence of ancient India. Cows roam through the narrow and crowded streets. At the market, vendors scream to sell their wares and the aroma of chai tea and boiling goat Hyderabadi biryani fills the air.

The emblematic monument of Charminar and ancient mosques, such as Mecca Masjid, stand out above the otherwise modest streets, recalling the rich past of the city. It is also a city of extremes: head west to Cyberabad and you will wonder if you ended up somehow in hyper-technological Japan. But if you have time, focus on the historical heart of the city and its splendid architecture.

When to go to Hyderabad: November to February


Called the “pink city” for its typical colored buildings, Jaipur simply shines with its own light. It extends all outside the central Palace of the city, where the former royal family still resides, and there are many things to see. Take a shot of the Jal Mahal, a palace floating on the water; visit the Govind Dev Ji, an emblematic temple that is the setting for many Krishna legends; and observe the stars from Jantar Mantar, a UNESCO-protected astronomical observatory.

Do you need more tran tran? Take on the bazaar in the city center or join the noisy and noisy crowds of Raj Mandir cinema, one of the most famous in the country. This is the 5th most visited places from 14 best places to visit in India.

When to go to Jaipur: November to February


The atmosphere of the novel “The God of small things” (winner of the Booker prize), Kerala is a stunning tropical paradise in the far south of India. Shining water, long stretches of beach and huge jackfruit and cashew trees abound with ripe fruit. If you need a pleasant oasis away from the crowds and noise of the rest of India, this is the place for you.

Hike the Blue Mountains of Western Ghats and be amazed by the Athirapally waterfalls. Cross the stagnant waters of the lagoons or watch the Vallam Kali regatta held every August. Food is known to be spicy, so keep some coconut milk handy to cool your taste buds.

When to go to Kerala: from January to March (although in Kerala there is a tropical climate all year round)


Lush, green and cultured, Pune has been nicknamed East Oxford and has almost as many bicycles. There are plenty of universities and colleges, so if you want to do something smart, this is the place to go. Reveling students congregate around Fergusson College Road on Saturday evenings or gobble up strong coffee as they read engrossed in the city’s many bars.

Take a tour of the ancient University of Pune, one of the oldest in the country, take a horseback ride through the Bund garden and take a look at the Shaniwar Wada palace which was devastated by a fire. Satisfy the gourmet in you with the dozens of options offered by the Koregaon Park, known locally as the “restaurant district”. Pune is the 7th most visited place from the 14 best places to visit in India.

When to go to Pune: November


Hold fast. The densely populated Mumbai is swarming with its twelve million people crammed into the twelve island districts. It is the commercial heart of the country, teeming with concrete skyscrapers. Head to Kala Ghoda, where you will find museums in profusion, then continue to the hanging gardens on Malabar Hill, a must for selfie lovers and run behind the pigeons that surround the historic monument of the Gateway of India.

The renowned markets of the city are a must with its curiosities and the Colaba jewels are an attraction. Look for traditional Hindi performances at the Prithvi Theater in Juhu. If you want to visit the beaches, just watch the swimmers, but avoid swimming.

When to go to Mumbai: from November to February


A city of contrasts, Calcutta can be a great challenge for visitors. Its high levels of poverty are striking, especially having evident well-being in the background: immaculate golf courses and polo and clubs reserved only for wealthy members. Imagine it as the “Great Smoke” of India.

Despite, or perhaps because of its dismissal, it is known as a city of culture and has churned out several Nobel Prize winners, as well as writers, poets, and other notable cultured characters. Immerse yourself in its daily contradictions as you walk along the river along the walk of the Garden of Eden that runs alongside a cricket field, then head to the Book Fair (the most popular in the world) held every January or enjoy a movie at the Calcutta Film Festival in November.

When to go to Calcutta: from October to February


Mysore is beautiful enough to hurt. His tour de force passes from the UNESCO heritage palace, with its red domes and kaleidoscopic windows inside, to be visited absolutely on Sunday, when it is fully illuminated.

Architectural delights continue with the Gothic cathedral of Santa Filomena and the extraordinary palace of Lalit Mahal, known for its British-style teas. If you have a sweet tooth, try Mysore Pak, a local dessert made from ghee (Indian butter) that looks like cremini. Get closer to art in the Mysore Sand Sculpture Museum and stroll through the Brindavan gardens dotted with fountains. Festival lovers must mark the Dasara Festival on the calendar which lasts ten days in September. Mysore is the 10th most visited places from 14 best places to visit in India.

When to go to Mysore: September to January


In the Blue Mountains of southern India, you should definitely go to Ooty if you need a tropical heat. Imagine verdant hills covered with eucalyptus trees and tea tree plantations reachable on board a singular train.

Explore the botanical gardens of Ooty that stretch like wildfire and where the Summer Festival is held in May and climb to the top of Doddabetta to take a perfect photograph. Mount on horseback for a tour of the lake or to enter the lush countryside. Feast on the renowned local chocolates while sipping locally grown tea. For something different than usual, try the mysterious Wax Museum.

When to go to Ooty: from March to June


Listen carefully and you may hear someone speak French. “Pondy”, as is well known, was under French control until 1954 and its Gallic history is particularly evident in the eastern part of the city. There is an artistic and bohemian atmosphere in this peaceful place as much as the rest of India.

Pondy’s aim is to do only the bare essentials, so allow yourself the luxury of lounging around. The area of the ancient city is a succession of picturesque townhouses, cobblestone streets, and French-inspired restaurants. If you are longing for a croissant, steak and red wine, fill up here, then head towards the beach.

When to visit Pondicherry: from October to February


James Bond fans will recognize Udaipur from Operation Octopus. With its explosion of architectural jewels and its peaceful lakes, it is the perfect setting for a romantic trip. Color is the protagonist here with the “festival of colors” held every year and which adds a little liveliness to the already very bright clothes of the local people. Even the buildings become bolder: the complex of the Udaipur palace shines with mirror domes and glass mosaics.

The Green New Moon Fair festival, held around the city’s group of artificial lakes, adds a little more artistic flair in August. The Shilpgram Crafts Fair in November is the place to go to stock up on local arts and crafts.

When to visit Udaipur: from August to January


Leave the big cities behind and head for the hills. In Munnar, the former tourist village of the British contingent in India, it is a green, peaceful place full of tea trees and mountains hidden by clouds. Visit the gardens of the Floriculture Center, enjoy a picnic near the Mattupetty dam, or test your lungs at the Echo Point.

Eravikulam National Park is home to leopards, tigers and fearless mountain goats, while the Salim Ali bird sanctuary is full of strange bird species. Rent a rowboat, cycle in the countryside and tackle climbing up the steep Munnar rocks. This is the last of the 14 best places to visit in India.

When to visit Munnar: from September to June