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The Best Guide For Perfect Saree Selection

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The Best Guide For Perfect Saree Selection

Cotton silk sarees are one of the best attires that empower the women with a traditional and attractive look. However there are so many things that you should take care of when you are buying them. When we say fashion, the foremost thing that comes in our mind is outfits. So making the right choice of saree selection can add artistic beauty to your look as well as can wonderful collections in your wardrobe. If you are looking for tips to buy the perfect saree, then this guide can answer for often raised questions. Let the quite essential traditional outfit of Indian women never go out of mistake when it comes to selecting the right saree.

Choose for your body style

Despite the fact that sarees are the most comfortable clothing for most women, saree fabrics, styles and designs have changed a lot when compared to past years. Whether you are going to wear your first saree or if you are a regular saree wearer, the often question that arises in your mind is ‘What is the right saree for my body type and personality?’ The saree you choose should give you a classy, stunning and ideal figure for your body.

The most vital point in picking the perfect outfit lies in determining your body shape and style. As some of the materials have the tendency to make you look a little broad, slim, tall and short, choose the right one based on your body shape.

If you are a chubby girl, then go for the materials like silk sarees and chiffon material to give a slimmer look. Avoid cotton materials that make you broader. Don’t worry if you are a very slim girl. There are some clever tricks to solve your problem and look beautiful in the attire you choose. Pick up sarees with a thin border or small printed sarees which can bring you a taller and thicker look.

Pear shaped or Apple shaped body 

If you are a pear body shaped woman, then you may be a little heavier too. You will have a heavier lower body side than the upper part. Then you will probably worry about covering the heavier bottom part. Those women are recommended to choose smaller printed sarees with beautiful borders that can express the elegance that you wish for.

When it comes to apple shaped body women, they have a heavier upper body but with thin hips. They can choose silk cotton sarees or light fabric wearing materials with any works on it. However, plain or very light collections are not recommended since they can highlight their body shape.

Color of the saree

Your shopping for a perfect saree will be incomplete if you don’t get your favorite colored outfit. Some important moments or occasions can never return. So make those days special with wonderful colored sarees. It is a good idea to choose bright colors, but the essential thing to be noted is it should match with your skin tone. If it is a wedding, red is the most preferred color for most brides. If you are going to buy clothing for daily wear, then avoiding light colors is recommended since they can get stains easily. 

Are you looking for party wear clothing? Then silk sarees are the popular choice and if you see the option of colors, rich bright colors like yellow, green, orange and red can make your party day in a perfect style.

What is the occasion you are going to wear?

To capture the happiness and memories of special occasions, you have to select the outfit based on the occasion you are going to take part. Silk or semi silk sarees usually fit for almost all functions and they are easy to drape. For grand evening functions, heavy work bordered sarees, embroidery clothing with mirror works and zari woven materials are good choices. Is it a social get together? Cotton sarees can be a good pick. Since they are light and simple, they will be well suited for casual meetings. 

Looking for ideas for draping styles? It doesn’t matter what style you choose. Do it neatly and let it suit your personality and body style, especially for the occasion. When it comes to having simpler, yet ethnic look cotton sarees are the best choice. Don’t forget about choosing the right blouse designs for a complete style. As you know, a blouse design can entirely break or make the look of you as well saree. You can pick any color whether similar or contrasting colors, but let it match with the pattern of the saree.

Sarees are wonderful outfits and its designs and trends are always changing. Choosing the best for you is a great job. Make sure you do it correctly with the right color and fabric. And always opt for the ones that can be worn easily and ensure they don’t leave in your wardrobe for a longer period without using.