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Best Bicycles Type for Hilly Commutes

Best Bicycle Type for Hilly Commutes

Today’s bicycles have many different options for different types of riding. Road bikes are designed to be aerodynamic for on-road racing. Their smooth, skinny tires and drop handlebars make them quick and efficient on smooth pavement.

Touring bikes are designed for riding on pavement, but they’re made to be more durable for distance riding. You won’t get the same speed out of a touring bike that you can on a road bike. But you can carry a heavier load on a touring bike, which makes them better for commutes or a bike trip.

To choose the right bike for your commute, you need to think about the terrain and type of riding you want to do. If you’re wondering are electric bikes good for hills, let’s answer your questions.

Other Types of Bicycles for Commuting

Cruiser bikes are designed for casual riding, but they can be good bikes for commuters. The wide tires make riding more comfortable. Cruiser bikes have upright handlebars, which allow you to see traffic around you. Many people ride cruiser bikes for errands or for short-distance commuting. They’re better on flat routes.

Mountain bikes are another category of bikes you’ll find while shopping for a women’s 26 inch hybrid bike. Technically, these bikes are designed for riding off-road trails. The low great range is great for pedaling up steep trails.

Mountain bikes are usually equipped with front and/or rear suspension, making the ride a little more comfortable. Some people do use mountain bikes as commuting bikes, especially when the terrain is rougher, but these bikes tend to be heavier than a traditional commuting bike.

Hybrid Bikes Are Some of the Best Commuting Bikes

Hybrid bikes take the best features of a road bike and mountain bike and combine them into one bike that is good for all types of surfaces. The tires on a hybrid bike are wider than a road bike but not as wide as the mountain bike tire. You get a comfortable ride while being able to take on more types of terrain.

Hybrids generally have flat handlebars in a relaxed position. You sit upright on the bike, giving you the ability to watch the traffic around you. Most hybrid bikes come with disc brakes. This gives you more control when stopping. Disc brakes are more reliable in wet weather. Your hybrid should come with the capability to install a pannier or basket.

If you have a hilly commute, you may want to consider an electric hybrid bike. An electric bike is equipped with a motor that can give you a boost up the hill. Any type of bike can be installed with a motor and battery. The motor isn’t to propel you on its own, but to help you use less effort when pedaling.

Most electric bikes have chargeable batteries, but how they’re charged can be different. Some bikes allow you to remove the battery to charge it, while others require the battery to stay with the bike. You’ll have to park near an outlet to charge your bike. Shop for bicycles for commuting, fun or racing.