Quality matters more. Either the vehicle you are using is a new or old one. Old cars are considered more reliable due to a variety of reasons. If you need to buy a car, it is good to buy a used one or a second hand cars in kenya. In Kenya and around the entire world, many of the people prefer to go with second-hand vehicles. It is not much hard to find a second hand or used car seller nowadays.

Why buy used cars?

Old cars perform better than the new one. Moreover, it will cost less than buying a brand-new vehicle. There are hundreds of reasons for buying a second-hand car. A few of them briefly described below:

  • Certified pre-owned option
  • Cheap registration fees
  • Helpful for aftermarket communities
  • Saves money
  • Depreciation
  • Reducing insurance costs
  • A detailed history of the vehicle is available.
  • Attractive financial options
  • More cars within this money

Second-hand cars for sale in Kenya

It is not a big deal to buy a second-hand car nowadays. However, it was tough to find a seller selling the same car you need before a few decades. But now, one can contact the seller quickly. There are many second-hand car selling points and online platforms where you can get the best second-hand car for you. There are a few second-hand cars for sale in Kenya. One can select any after going through its necessary details.

Nissan Advan 2012 White

The second-hand car named “Nissan ADVAN 2012 white” is available in the location of Nairobi Central, Starehe. Its final price is KSH 570,000. It traveled 80.000 km. It is the model of the year 2012. The Nissan ADVAN 1300cc is in good condition. Just order for it and enjoy the drive.

Toyota Fielder 2012 white

Another second-hand car named “Toyota Fielder 2012 white” is available for sale in Kenya. It is available in the location of Nairobi Central, Starehe. It is a 2012 model. Its final price is KSH 1.020,000. It is in good condition and not used locally. It traveled 78,854 km.

Suzuki Swift 2012 1.4 Gray

“Suzuki Swift 2012 1.4” in Gray color owned by a lady is available for sale now. It traveled 75000km yet. It is available in the location of Karuri, Kiambaa. Its price offered by the seller is KSH 660,000. It is also a model of the year 2012. It is used locally but is in good condition.

2012 Mercedes-Benz ML350 KCX auto diesel

Mercedes-Benz ML350 KCX model of the year 2012 is available in good condition. It is available in the location of Karen, Langata. Its price is KSH 5,960,000. It traveled 114,000km yet. The exterior color of this Mercedes is black. Its automatic top speed is 260km. It has black leather doors.  The engine of this Mercedes is 3000cc, including five fuel types.

2007 Toyota Prado 120 series

Toyota Prado of 120 KAY series assembled locally model of 2007 is available now. It is available in the location of Karen, Langata. It traveled 155,000km yet. Its price is KSH 2,150,000. Its exterior and interior color is gray. We have grey fabric doors and five fuel types, Having a 3000cc engine. Its manual speed is 180km per hour. 

Nissan March 2011 Blue

The “Nissan March 2011” in blue color is available in the location of Karuri, Kiambaa. It traveled 100,000km yet. It is the model of the year 2011. Its price is KSH 460,000. It is used locally but is in good condition. Buy now by making an order and enjoy its ultimate drive,

Isuzu D-Max 2015 Gray

Another good condition second-hand car named “Isuzu D-Max 2015” is available in gray color. Its price is KSH 1,850,000. It is available in the location of Westland’s, Nairobi. It traveled 94,139 km. it is the model of 2015

Concluding remarks 

From the above description, we concluded that many of us need information about different things. Some of us prefer to know about the price, features, and other necessary details about a vehicle before buying it. Similarly, in the case of buying a second-hand car, the buyer will get information before buying. There are many cars available in the second-hand form in Kenya. One can buy any of them easily.

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