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Home Decor – Can You Mix Blinds and Curtains?

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Short answer: yes. Longer answer: yes, if you do it right!

But what does “doing it right mean?”

When finishing up their interiors, most people believe they have to choose whether to use blinds or curtains as their window shading. Why not both? A combination of beautiful curtains and blinds can look quite impactful, and prove to be very convenient as well. 

No wonder then that this is becoming somewhat of a new trend in interior decoration. 

When we look at internal shades, we think of three things: personal comfort, gorgeous design, and convenient technology. For your comfort, it is important to have control of the mood you want to set, as well as to feel you have all the privacy you need. The right lighting makes all the difference. 

A combination between curtains and blinds, be it roman blinds, wooden blinds, zebra roller blinds or others, allows you many more choices and options to play with to set the right look and feel, assure privacy and create a visually striking focal point of the room which depending to the style can be modern, vintage, or classical. 

If you are getting quality curtains in Dubai you will enjoy the vast selection of fabrics and patterns that can elevate any room. They alone can set a strong tone for how your interior is perceived. They make the ambience more comfortable and can give you plenty to play with. 

In Dubai, blinds can be a thing of beauty. Not only are there many categories to choose from, including venetian blinds, roman blinds, vertical blinds, or simple roller blinds, but you will have some of the best global technology at your convenience. Whether you prefer the classical manual style or using motorised systems, make sure you are getting them installed by a company that has quality brand partners.

Smart shading solutions like smart sun shades, smart blinds or smart drapes are an excellent way to get complete control over your interior at your fingertips. 

Now that we discussed the benefits of each interior shading, let’s explain how well they can complement each other. Aesthetically, they can lead to some innovative and striking home decor, playing with dark curtains on light-coloured shades, or matched neutral tones. There is room to explore and you can always get some advice from the friendly staff at the top blinds & curtains company in UAE. Draw the curtains while partially showcasing the blinds for a chic pattern and comfortable mood light. 

Windows are considered the eyes of your home, and the way you dress them makes a tremendous difference on your whole interior. Venetian blinds are great for bathrooms and kitchens, while vertical blinds and roller blinds look nice for an office space. Roller blinds are excellent for bedrooms, as are blackout curtains. Roman blinds make for gorgeous living rooms and children’s bedrooms. Different patterned curtains can enhance any room. But mixing it all together is a game-changer. 

You can start truly making a design statement that will mesmerise your visitors, play with framing, alternate between contrasting and complementing combinations, and even do “day and night” room designs. 

Here are some popular combinations:

  1. Coffee- and chocolate-coloured floor-length curtains on beige wooden blinds give any interior a gorgeous, cosmopolitan look and feel
  2. Minimalist sheer roller blinds coupled with dark, floor-sweeping curtains can look both modern and yet dramatic while making the room feel comfortable
  3. Place warm wooden venetian blinds or wooden shutters between patterned sets of curtains for an especially secure and comfy look
  4. Combine the same-style roman blinds and curtains for a classy, luxurious feel of the interior
  5. Bedrooms look amazing with sophisticated roller blinds matched with curtains in neutral palette of white and beige tones
  6. Country homes can look lovely with patterned roman blinds matched with suitable curtains
  7. Drapes and shades in a similar colour family or complimenting hues can look visually inviting 
  8. With gorgeous European curtain fabrics and a neutral, monochrome sheer roller blinds, the room can not only look fantastic but also have  outstanding lighting 
  9. White matched with off-white can look incredibly cosy and bright

To sum up, decorating a home is all about the right combinations, from furniture to window treatment. Exploring the combinations of blinds and curtains together gives you so much more options to create a visually interesting decor while also controlling the light to a greater degree. 

You will get a chance to express yourself and elevate your space. Make sure to talk to shading experts in Dubai to help you find the right designs, fabric, technology and advise you on the best combinations to make this successful!