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What Food Items Should You Give to a Dubia Roach Colony

Dubia roaches are popular as feeder insects. If you are raising a colony of dubia roaches you need to provide them good quality food so that they can pass the nutrition to your pet. Here are some food options for the dubia roaches-

Roach chow

Indeed, cockroach chow is additionally an incredible decision for the dubia insects. But if you only provide the roaches with roach chow, your pet may not get enough nourishment from the feeder roaches. You can give insect chow to the dubias for more than once per week. You can blend water in with the chow to give the dubia roaches proper hydration. There are various kinds of cockroach chow variations, and you can pick any one accessible structure, the closest pet shop, or online entryways. Roach chow may be a convenient option, but do not depend on it and include different types of fruits and vegetables to the dubia roach to ensure they get complete nutrition to pass to your pet.


Nymphs usually eat frass. The settlement won’t flourish without youthful bugs. The Juvenile dubias need frass to get microorganisms and microbes in their digestive system. Therefore, if you need to raise a sound settlement, make a point to incorporate a modest quantity of frass in the compartment. Frass is only for the nymphs and the adults do not eat it.

Oats and wheat

You can likewise give your dubia roaches a meal of oats and wheat-like cooked oats or even cooked wheat once or twice per week. Any other fine ground cereal and wheat flour is additionally a good thought. It is smarter to blend these things in with some sugar so the insects eat their food.

Over Ripe bananas

Extra ripe bananas are incredible for feeding dubia roaches. The dubias love ready bananas, and finding ripe bananas are easier and more affordable. Ripe bananas are high in sugar and attract the roaches easily. Make small portions of the bananas after peeling them. Try to place the pieces in different places of the colony enclosure to ensure every roach gets enough food.


Dubia roaches love tangerines. They also love any kind of citrus fruit. But, you need to be careful of giving tangerines to the roach colony. If you have a reptile pet, you can give tangerines only once or twice a month. It is because the citrus fruits are harmful to any reptile.

 Carrots and beets

Carrots and beets are full of Vitamins, polyphones, fiber, sugar, and minerals. Thus, these vegetables are an ideal choice for feeding dubia roaches .  According to specialists, the carrots and beets help improve the wellbeing of the dubia cockroaches, and they get enough nourishment from these food things. In case you want to provide moisture and water to dubia roaches through foods, beets and carrots are the best closes by bananas. Also, dubia cockroaches are partial to beets and carrots.

Sweet potatoes

Dubia insects love everything sweet. Although they don’t eat potatoes, yams are their top pick. Consequently, giving them an intermittent treat to yams is an extraordinary thing. It is a finished dinner for the bugs, and they get enough supplements to flourish and develop appropriately.

Leafy greens

You should also give leafy greens to the dubia roaches once in a week. Vegetables like spinach, broccoli, kale, etc are great for them. Make small pieces and evenly distribute the items throughout the colony to ensure they get enough food.

It is better to include different types of food in the diet of dubia roaches. You can make a chart for a week and provide them food according to your choice. Please note that you need to provide the exact amount of food. You should also clean the uneaten food as they can increase the unhygienic nature of the colony and cause infestation from mites or any other microorganisms.

Moreover, it is not necessary to feed the roaches every day. You can skip feeding them once in a while. Please ensure the food you provide to the dubias is fresh.