Taaza Khabar Release Date, Cast, Review, And StoryLine

Taaza Khabar was written by Abbas Dalal and then Hussain Dalal and directed by Himank Gaur year. It is about a man who goes rich overnight and suddenly his world turns advantage down. The entire story is based on how his routine changes and behavior change. And, how he turns from a humiliated and helpful man to a devil with riches.


Taaza Khabar a new web series unconfined in 2023, includes the YouTube sensation Bhuvan Bam. No hesitation, this man has always won cores with his fantastic work on YouTube or in traditional media. This newly released web series contains a total of 6 episodes which is about 40Mins each. Actions and it won’t be wrong to say that every episode is a chef-d’oeuvre on its own.

The story, movement, songs, emotions, and everything collectively has busy the standard of this series to a whole new level. And come again better than this for us to start the extra year with a blockbuster as such?

Deep into the story

Taaza Khabar Release Date

Talking around the story of this fantastic web series is grounded on a poor local boy. Who was a sanitation hand working and became rich overnight. Because of a boon or warden, as supposed in the series. We all have this line that says “rags to riches“; the story justifies the real. The story starts off showing Vasant, which is amusing by Bhuvan Bam.

Where he has seen the dispersion of money on the road for the poor in a very filmy style. He is seen staying at the place he worked at, and the house he survived in. And then he starts thinking about the past and the definite story begins here.

We initially get to see that Vasant Gowde’s (Bhuvan Bam) mother snips money from the house. She was working by way of a maid, and a drama was created by the proprietor of the house. Vasant reimburses the mon fund allowed by VaKothavisiting a Kotha.

He was working to meet his love Madhu and promising that he determination release her from the place. When he earnings he saw a woman laying in a bathroom. He somehow took the woman out, and quickly. After that, the woman he saved gave his boon that his lifecycle would change.

On that specific night, that application that he had on his tries Taaza Khabar started giving notifications of which actions were about to happen. That he would see beforehand, at first he didn’t appreciate it. Still, soon he realized that he was in for a big game where he would know the lot that would happen before the incident occurred.

He soon tries to explain this to all of his friends. Who deny what he was proverb at first but eventually, they are influenced. This is where the actual story commences. A man who gets rich overnight and his group decides how to turn this boon into a come tuna. They come to a deduction where they decide they will bet. Which turns out to be a good choice since it works. And they earn in vast numbers and live their best lives.

Vasant also contemplates buying the house from the owner, who once abused his mother. He approaches the man to buy his home. But the owner declines his offer saying this family is a memory of his wife and won’t sell it at a small cost. Vasant then leaves the dwelling, and soon after that, he buys a car worth 1cr.

Vasant, on the way of breathing such a fancy life, totally changed as a person. He mislaid his humility and soon started ignoring unimportant matters. We can see that he missed a message about a fire getaway in a factory which he ignored. But it was where smooth his father was injured. Still, he ignored the communication, there was a party where Shetty called Vasant’s father and humbled him.

At that particular get-together, he gets a message saying that Madhu and Shetty will be together. After receipt of this message, instead of looking into the material. He mistreats Madhu, we similarly can see Vasant kissing Suhani.

When Madhu questions it, Vasant starts talking about her past as a prostitute. She shrubberies for the same work as a sex worker with Mehboob and Raja earlier leaving. She says that the blessing that Vasant established has now turned into a curse. This part is very expressive for the audience.

Release Date 

A second season is impending, according to numerous media reports. In the pending days, the official announcement will be completed, and assuming everything goes according to plan. You will be talented at watching the series by the end of 2024.


Bhuvan Bam, Shriya Pilgaonkar, JD Chakravarthy, Deven Bhojani, Prathmesh Parab, Shilpa Shukla, Mahesh Manjarekar, besides Nitya Mathur.


Taaza Khabar is thought to be found dead, which basically means that he will be slain. But it is not shown who did that, and the floor comes here as well. They also well some astounding music,

without music, it wouldn’t have been magical; Bhuvan Bam is a sort of scion himself and has all kinds of affecting music and songs, which together offered a beautiful touch to the series, music in the movie comprised Dev Negi, Mohan Kanan, and Divya Kumar, there were other bands as well.

The story has some astounding actors who have excellently performed their discrete roles. And the series’ story is inspiring through many life lessons. The soul of the series Bhuvan Bam earns a lot of appreciation for his work, not material if it’s a YouTube video or an entire web series. This person continuously has done his job outstandingly.

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